The Best Christian Books-Israeli Jews recommend


Why do I, an Israeli Jew, recommending Christian books about the love for Jesus?

The love for the Messiah is “cross religious”, everyone who believes in God are my brothers and sisters, Judaism and Christianity are linked and together complete a more elaborate picture of creation.

As a Jew, I do not know who the Messiah will be. So I simply respect all believers. True Christians will feel the way towards me, and understand that we are different because we have a different purpose under the sun:

  • Evangelical’s job is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah.
  • Jew’s job is to make sure there is a platform in Israel to best allow it.
not a fan

Are you being stupid following God’s teachings? No, it’s not a trick question. be truthful, you ask that question yourself at least 3 times every day.

Every time you see a stockbroker drive a new BMW and he and you both know that he lied and screwed his clients over to get that car, but he sure got paid well for it… His kids fly to Europe every year… Maybe I should lie a little myself?

You may ask yourself, why is an Israeli Jew recommending this “pure love for Jesus” book? well, It’s not about theology but about being true to yourself as a believer. If you were Jewish, I would have directed you the a parallel book for Jews.

I think this book touches a pain-point that many Israelis are trying to pass on to anti-Israel activists like BDS and their likes.

When your time comes and you will face your maker, will he ask you whether you have been true to “fake political agendas” that you always new are false or were you true to your God’s teachings?

So many believers choose hate over love, money over vertue. they attack Israel because of Saudi money. It has nothing to do with Middle-Eastern conflicts. It’s about doing what is right over what is easy. Is there a blessing in lying to yourself and to others?

Is judgment day all about pleasing the Arab oil princes or about fulfilling your obligation to your lord?

As an Israeli, I believe that my last line of defense is the truth. If Christians are true to themselves, they will stop hating me without ever meeting me.

I recommend:

I recommend this book for you, who believe that one day, the Lord will ask you some difficult questions, and you had better have some good answers.


GENIUS: Bible study book, for kids – An “Out of The Box way of thinking” that is simply brilliant.

This book uses Marvel’s comic illustrator’s “Sergio Cariello” work to better connect with this generation’s kids imagination.

I have to say that I would prefer this version for my self as well. It’s alive, it’s fun, it looks inviting and makes you want to read more. with the “PAHH” & “ BOOMMM” feel to it.

As a Jew that learned in a conservative school in Israel, I was taught the Bible in a strict and “Serious” way. Because the Bible is “Important”.

that made me miss out on the “Fun” aspect the Bible which is probably the greatest action story ever told. I am always encouraging to inspire the younger generation to discover why the Bible is so powerful for themselves.

This book’s vivid “comic style” illustrations brings the Bible’s heroes and stories to life in a way kids today can really relate to.

It’s exciting, wonderfully drawn, with a great sense of urgency and action. Just like the great book itself. The text itself is pretty well written.

So I recommend you take a peek at the “Look inside” option and see for yourself.

If you are God’s warrior, you need a powerful weapon:

This is a great idea for a book. why? well if you ever heard a “sales” lesson, the first and most basic rule in “convincing” a person is “Don’t Try to Convince”. Look, whether you are right or wrong, people will listen to you only if you speak in a manner that is pleasing to them.

How many times did you say “that guy is so stupid, how can he believe…?” well, he is not being stupid, he is being defencive and he will insist that you are wrong even if you will say that the sun don’t shine at midnight (which is being stupid…).

I recommend:

This book can help many of my readers who write to me “I support Israel but people don’t listen to me”. well I believe that if you want to be a”Watcher of the Wall” you need to have this weapon.

Grieve: Even the biggest believer needs to “power up” in hard moments.

This “feel good” book has no specific connection to Israel, but it is a powerful reminder that everything in life has a purpose. even if we can’t see it.

So many times I ask myself “why is my path so hard? why must I be afraid to take the bus because it can loose my life in a terrorist’s fireball? why do 1 Billion people hate me even though they never met me?

However God is good to the people who open their hearts. That is why I recommend this book to other people who have “lost” a loved one or their way in life.

As I heard readers found this extremely comforting.

This story  is inspiring to all of us who still have good health and those who don’t. A wonderful bookthat keep’s you strong, when strengh is hard to find…