Why does the Bible start with a “B” rather than “A” in Biblical Hebrew?

The secrets of the Bible are revealed immediately in the first 3 words. thousands of arguments and commentaries were given to the opening of the Bible and the secrets it contains. However, to understand the meaning of these 3 powerful words, we must read them in the original language, in biblical Hebrew.

“Bereshit – Bara – Elohim”

3 powerful words, why?

Why are they special? Because each of them requires the reader to believe in the imposable.

  1. The word Genesis, asking the reader to believe that before there really was nothing, and this is really “the beginning” in Biblical Hebrew is written “BERESHIT” (בראשית).
  2. “Create” is written “BARA” (ברא) and begins with the same three letters as BERESHIT (בראשית), and once again the believer is required to accept that the whole universe was created from nothing, first there was no mater at all and then there is the whole universe. And the act of Creation and the beginning of all things are related.

Why is that important?

well, the ברא letters also mean health in Biblical Hebrew. Now, why would the beginning of the universe and the creation of all things mean health?

That is the secret of the Bibles power. God created the world all in a certain way. That is nature. And we must learn that way to be healthy. Those who will turn their backs from creation (God’s way) will not know harmony in his life. Not with his family, his children, all his surroundings and that will affect his health (not in a good way).


  1. Thirdly, Elohim is one of the most sacred names of the Lord, Jesus Himself used this name when calling His Creator at the moment of his crucifixion (Mark 15:34).Now, אלוהים (ELOHIM) starts with an “A” in Hebrew, בראשית (BERESHIT) starts with a “B”.
  • why does the Bible start with a “B” and not an “A”?
  • Is creation not the beginning?
  • Was there something before?
  • Why not start with “God created…”, that would start the Bible with an “A”, so why choose “B”?

the reason for that requires much understanding of Biblical Hebrew. I explained it in depth in the video at the top of this page. But for now, let me just say that the Bible is much more elaborate than most people think. It is full of sifters and hidden meaning. In order to study the Bible in depth and better understand the words of Moses and Jesus, it is best to learn it in their true words. In ancient Hebrew or “Aramaic”


My personal opinion – Study the Bible as it was originally intended

It is an astonishing thought. Abraham and Moses and Jesus, they understood that in the beginning there was no “Mater” only spirit, there was no space or time. And then the universe was born in 1 stroke.

Please explain to me, how did these simple humans understand such huge truth that only today, science is just beginning to grasp?

How is it even possible that in a time of false Gods, of Egypt, Greek, and Roman Idle religions. Our fathers understood the true structure of creation?


They understood so much of our God’s creation and hid their knowledge in the Bible.

The Bible begins with 3 Hebrew words. And they contain the keys to understanding the universe.

This is the essence of a life of faith.

That is why I recommend Enrol to the “live, online Biblical Hebrew course” and learn to appreciate the true richness of the Bible.