Biblical Hebrew study- Review: a new way to study the Bible

  • Do you want your kids to better connect to the Bible?

  • I mean, to know it on a completely new and impressive level?

The younger generation of Evangelicals in the US are connected to the Internet and are bombarded with information, right?
Traditional Bible studies must also be updated to capture their imagination.

Luckily for us, the Internet also enables the solution, Bible studies of a new and exciting kind.

I personally was impressed when I saw it for the first time, I came across this company in Israel due to my line of work, as an online marketing specialist, I loved their format so much, I said” Hey, let’s promote you on my website? You’re exactly the kind of service my audience love”.

I wish I had such a service when I was a kid.

Your children can learn the Bible in Hebrew, from Israel, with a real live teacher, without ever arriving here.

This new way of learning, not only connecting them to the Bible and to Jesus but also to the Holy Land itself and help them experience the places where Jesus and King David lived.

The course “Biblical Hebrew” for Evangelicals, brings a real live teacher from Jerusalem, via special two-way video conference software, right into your home, that’s ingenious in my view.

Why is it such a revolution?

Because now there is both the experience of learning from a world-renowned teacher and also, absorbing the vibe of Israel, the holidays here, places in Israel … In short, the lessons are broadcast live from Jerusalem.

The “Israel Institute of Biblical Studies” enable your children or grandchildren to learn the Bible in a “web age” way that in our generation was nothing more than a dream.

Imagine connecting to Israel at this young age, and learning from the best teachers in the world who study the Bible at the “Hebrew University of Jerusalem”.

Why do I feel confidant recommend this course when there are so many other courses?

Today, the Institute offers about 300 teachers and has over 115,000 students since 2000, which study at several courses on various subjects.

The course is not pre-recorded though it is virtual, It is operated using a two-sided “real-time broadcast” software.
The course offers a class of up to 15 students and a real teacher for a period of about 9 months.

This course is an in-depth and professional course with academic standards.
In fact, the course provides 3 academic points, which means that this course is so comprehensive that it is valid as credit points for an academic bachelor degree in most academies around the world.

The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies are experts in this field, most of their teachers are from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Such as Dr. Ohad Cohen, who was a linguist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is currently a member of the Faculty of Languages at the University of Haifa.

Why not let the younger generation learn from the Bible’s source?

 Now, when technology advances bring Jerusalem closer than ever. When you learn the Bible in the original language spoken by the biblical heroes, even Jesus Himself, you understand the Bible in a new way.

Hebrew words have meaning. Each letter even has a meaning. When learning Biblical Hebrew, a new world of knowledge is suddenly opened, like:

  • What does Hallelujah mean?
  • What does “Amen” mean?
  • What does the name of Jesus mean?
  • what does your name mean in biblical Hebrew?

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