What is the meaning of Amen? Biblical Hebrew

What is the meaning of “Amen” and “Halleluja” of the number “7” in Biblical Hebrew?

The Jews say that God created the world with letters.

Secrets behind the Biblical Hebrew

Words in Hebrew have a lot of spiritual meaning. How much meaning? When my son was a baby he had a serious medical complication. As we rushed him to the hospital, we did not even imagine how close we were to losing what was dearest to us.
Our doctor said that if we have delayed by a few minutes, it would have ended very badly.

The power of the Biblical Letters 

So while we stayed in the hospital, week after week, seeing all the doctors who were not optimistic, to say the least.  It was a difficult time, and eventually, we met a very well-known rabbi and he told us that everything would be all right and that the baby would heal soon. But he also added a strange demand. he insisted that we will change his name. Seriously, that was it, we must add the letter “י”, which is the letter of God.
And so we did. A few weeks later we left the hospital, and today there is no trace of that illness. Was he cured by the power of the Biblical letter? Did the changing of his name saved his life?

It’s difficult to know for sure, but it is a powerful example of the tremendous meaning that Judaism attributes to Biblical Hebrew words and letters.

The language of Jesus

The experience of learning the Bible in the language in which it was written, a language full of Ciphers and hidden meanings that are difficult to understand after they were translated, It’s a richer experience full of layers of insights.

Where can I learn Biblical Hebrew?

I like the videos of Biblical Hebrew. So I’ve collected a few videos that I think can open up a bit of curiosity about the origins of so many phrases we say every day.

The meaning of the number 7 in Biblical Hebrew

The meaning of the word Halleliuja in Biblical Hebrew