HISTORY of the Messiah’s coming

In these times, at the Coming of the Messiah.

you need more than ever to be informed:

Major eras:

State of Israel

Balfur to Trump

1948 - Messiah Coming

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The Jerusalem “FIRM” Christian / Messianic 3 day conference for Jesus lovers

The Jerusalem “FIRM” all jesus followers (not only christians) global conference The  “FIRM” Christian / Messianic and all other

Prove of Jesus being the Messiah? The Miracle of Gethsemane gardens.

Garden of Gethsemane: the ancient tree under which Jesus sat, still fruitful, though it been dead for centuries Holy Souvenirs from

IDF’s missile defense for the Merkava Mark 4 tank

The Merkava Mark-4 “anti-missile” defense system known as the Trophy is the world’s most advanced missile system that can intercept anti-tank missiles. and now this

How will a war between Egypt and Israel look like in the 21 century?

Just before Passover, as we remember Pharaoh’s tyrant rule over the Israelites. A question arises; Can today’s Egypt conquer Israel?

Why did the Syrian Civil conflict break out?

SYRIA CIVIL WAR – THE BEGINNING OF THE 3RD WORLD WAR? What sparked the “Syrian Massecar”? Did this 450,000 casualties (mostly

I PRAY FOR ORPHANS: Dawn prayer for the innocent & brave

I PRAY FOR ISRAEL: Jesus loves us all. We are all children of father God. Please Lord bless this Rabbi

WORLD WAR III – Israel lost an F-16 and destroyed 12 targets in Syria, will war break out?

War is coming closer to Israel. An ODD F-16 was shot down for the first time in over 30 years.

WHY: Psalm 122: 6 – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem?

Psalm 122: 6 – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you” Does the EU and

DANGER: Jews returned to Jerusalem, will the Messiah follow?

Will Jesus follow the Jews? will we witness the Messiah in Jerusalem During our life time?</> Why are the countries

What will be the capital of Palestine after US embassy moves to Jerusalem?

If Jerusalem is the capital city of Palestine, why are all the governmant officies in Ramalla? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO

A fascinating production by CBN about the unknown truth of the father of Zionism.

A fascinating production by CBN about the unknown truth about the father of Zionism. God chose to act through a

Israel’s huge GREEN Revolution: A GLOBALl environmental leader


Fake News-FreeZone: Rumors of Pakistani Israeli war; DISSEMINATED

Why is Pakistan spreading Fake News about Israeli aggression? It is hard not to notice that the historic and successful

MUST-WATCH: Fake Pallywood News exposed in brilliant documentary


ASTOUNDING: Christians blessed at the Western Wall by Jews

Can any Christian send a prayer request in a note to be palaced & blessed by jews in the western

Did Britain steal the Palestinian’s land, rather than Israel? thus starting the Israeli Palestinian conflict?

Did you know that if you will ask an Israeli Arab “are you a Palestinian?” he will most likely answer “Yes

Why does the Bible start with a “B” rather than “A” in Biblical Hebrew?

The secrets of the Bible are revealed immediately in the first 3 words. thousands of arguments and commentaries were given

How we defend children from Terror bombing & Chemical attacks in Israel Why wars in Israel are so disproportionate when it comes to civilian casualties? Red alert – Once the sirens

The Best Christian Books-Israeli Jews recommend

Why do I, an Israeli Jew, recommending Christian books about the love for Jesus? The love for the Messiah is

Biblical Hebrew study- Review: a new way to study the Bible

Learn more Do you want your kids to better connect to the Bible? I mean, to know it on a

Do you need permission to celebrate Christmas in Israel?

Throughout the Middle East, there are restrictions on Christmas celebrations. Does Israel have such restrictions? Does the land of God

Epic dog fights of the Israeli Air Force – The great delta wing era

In 1967 the skies of the Middle East burned in some of the most epic air battles in Israel’s wars

FIRM-Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries vs. Eternal-Jerusalem-review

FIRM-a worldwide fellowship of Christian ministries working to preserve and strengthen the connection to Jesus as the Messiah in the

Why doesn’t Israel recognize the Armenian genocide?

Today I was asked a surprising question on my Facebook page, the question was asked in a very provocative way,

Shabbat at my son’s Martial Arts camp in Israel

My 7-year-old son goes to a Martial Arts training camp for the entire Sabbath, even sleeping there for the first

What is the meaning of Amen? Biblical Hebrew

What is the meaning of “Amen” and “Halleluja” of the number “7” in Biblical Hebrew? The Jews say that God

Emergency in Israel following the Trump Declaration

Support Israeli Shops More Shops Live report: verified by active Positionibg -the fear in Israel due to the Hamas threats, after

The lost battle of the Yom Kippur war-My father’s story

Buy Israeli Products More Shops In the Yom Kippur War (1973) during the darkest hours of the battle for the

King Trump stands with Jerusalem and the Bible

Simply unbelievable, after so many years of ignoring the obvious, president Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. If

Is the existence of Israel legal under international law?

Are the Palestinians right to claim that the State of Israel is not legal at all? Well, the most significant

Did Jesus reveal himself in Tel Aviv, is he preparing Israel for his return?

Support Israeli Shops More Shops Is JESUS CHRIST behind Israel’s financial “Booming” growth? Despite the economic boycott and raging Islamic

Judaica web store – Review Judaica Web Store-Review  A Validated Genuine Israeli VendorSupporting the Evangelical community in Israel   It was not easy to

Star of David-The mystical meaning-For Evangelicals

The Star of David or David’s shield (as Jews call it) has become a symbol of Judaism and has both

Tallit-Why do Jews pray with a Tallit and Tzitzit?

What is this White cape decorated with slim silver black or blue stripes? The source for wearing the prayer Tallit

Shofar-why do Jews blow the Shofar according to Kabbalah?

Shofar’s explanation for evangelicals: Eternal-Jerusalem is a website run by native Jewish Israelis and is intended to make the Holy

Mezuzah-Laser Cut Hand Painted

Go to Vendor Validated Israeli Vendor for Evangelicals I personally visited this vendor to make sure they are genuine Israeli supporting Evangelical

Myrrh Anointing Oil-For Evangelicals

Go to Vendor Validated Israeli Vendor for Evangelicals I personally visited this vendor to make sure he is a genuine Israeli

Cassia Anointing Oil-For Evangelicals

Go to Vendor Validated Israeli Vendor for Evangalicals I personaly visited this vendors to make sure they are genuine Israeli supporting

Armageddon-The real “Har Meggido” (Armageddon) in Israel

Armageddon-Native Israelis bring Jerusalem & Israel closer to Christians. Showing the real “Meggido mountain” (Armageddon) in Israel

Where is the apartheid in Israel?

If you think that Israel is an apartheid state, I invite you to see for yourself the truth of how

Israel and the Palestinian territory dispute

Join my newsletter Would you justify a war for this? From this viewpoint, I can observe with one glance the

Shabbat Shalom-from the hall of Jesus Last Supper

Join our newsletter Sabbath Shalom to all our brothers in the United States, my family and I toured Jerusalem and

Women in the Israel Defense Forces

Israel is the only nation on earth with an obligatory military service demand of females. Women have taken part in

Why support Israel?

Why support Israel today? All visitors to Israel are subjected to background checks and security screening. In accordance with the

Israel Donald Trump’s And Apocalypse

Since the Jew high season moves in, Israel is getting set to welcome a throng of visitors that are spiritual

Terror in the heart of Las Vegas

TERROR IN LAS VEGAS. Israel is shocked and grieving for the victims of the insane and inhuman attack of a

Is the World Coming To an End? What You Should Know

Avid readers of the bible know that it foretold not only of the bad things happening now but also of

Pro-Israel Group-Jerusalem supporters

While most the nations of the planet – at least apparently -are currently requiring Israel revise and to change its

Matthew Hagee

This confident and humorous 34 year old is the youngest of five siblings and the son of the prominent Pastor

John Hagee – Review from Israeli eyes

At 77 years of age, John Charles Hagee was born in Goose Creek, Texas United States. He has thirteen grandchildren,

John Hagee’s Church

The one thing you can expect to see at the Cornerstone Church is people from all different races, background, and

Jerusalem Countdown – Revised

This book written by John Hagee has a lot of information that aims at educating people on why radical Islam