JESUS: Birth of the Church & rise of Islam

JESUS: the Church's & Islam's era

In modest Bethlehem was born the man that will change humanity. But against him, Will rise a prophet who will sweep the world into an endless war with all the other fathes.

I PRAY FOR ORPHANS: Dawn prayer for the innocent & brave

I PRAY FOR ISRAEL: Jesus loves us all. We are all children of father God. Please Lord bless this Rabbi

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DANGER: Jews returned to Jerusalem, will the Messiah follow?

Will Jesus follow the Jews? will we witness the Messiah in Jerusalem During our life time?</> Why are the countries

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The Best Christian Books-Israeli Jews recommend

Why do I, an Israeli Jew, recommending Christian books about the love for Jesus? The love for the Messiah is

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What is the meaning of Amen? Biblical Hebrew

What is the meaning of “Amen” and “Halleluja” of the number “7” in Biblical Hebrew? The Jews say that God

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Myrrh Anointing Oil-For Evangelicals

Go to Vendor Validated Israeli Vendor for Evangelicals I personally visited this vendor to make sure he is a genuine Israeli

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Cassia Anointing Oil-For Evangelicals

Go to Vendor Validated Israeli Vendor for Evangalicals I personaly visited this vendors to make sure they are genuine Israeli supporting

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Armageddon-The real “Har Meggido” (Armageddon) in Israel

Armageddon-Native Israelis bring Jerusalem & Israel closer to Christians. Showing the real “Meggido mountain” (Armageddon) in Israel

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Shabbat Shalom-from the hall of Jesus Last Supper

Join our newsletter Sabbath Shalom to all our brothers in the United States, my family and I toured Jerusalem and

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Is the World Coming To an End? What You Should Know

Avid readers of the bible know that it foretold not only of the bad things happening now but also of

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