ZIONISM: The quest for the Jewish state

Zion - Age of empires

THE BRITISH EMPIRE Crashed the Ottomans at mount Armageddon in the Holy Land.
The Arab states & the "Palestinian People" are created by Britain.
But what will become of England's promise for a Jewish state?

What will be the capital of Palestine after US embassy moves to Jerusalem?

If Jerusalem is the capital city of Palestine, why are all the governmant officies in Ramalla? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO

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A fascinating production by CBN about the unknown truth of the father of Zionism.

A fascinating production by CBN about the unknown truth about the father of Zionism. God chose to act through a

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Did Britain steal the Palestinian’s land, rather than Israel? thus starting the Israeli Palestinian conflict?

Did you know that if you will ask an Israeli Arab “are you a Palestinian?” he will most likely answer “Yes

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Why doesn’t Israel recognize the Armenian genocide?

Today I was asked a surprising question on my Facebook page, the question was asked in a very provocative way,

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Is the existence of Israel legal under international law?

Are the Palestinians right to claim that the State of Israel is not legal at all? Well, the most significant

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Israel and the Palestinian territory dispute

Join my newsletter Would you justify a war for this? From this viewpoint, I can observe with one glance the

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