How will a war between Egypt and Israel look like in the 21 century?

Just before Passover, as we remember Pharaoh’s tyrant rule over the Israelites. A question arises; Can today’s Egypt conquer Israel?

Although there is no hostility between Egypt and Israel today (thank God). Still, if we imagine a scenario in which Egypt is trying to conquer Israel, will this be a realistic scenario?

Egypt’s Strike on Israel – Jewish apocalypse

First, in order to understand the scenario of the war between Israel and Egypt, one must first understand their history.

In the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel succeeded in defeating the Egyptian army in just six days and occupied vast Egyptian areas. This is despite the fact that the Egyptian army was larger and more technologically advanced.
How did Israel succeed? Israel has a unique strategy that I will describe later.

But that was not all, later in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 (the only time Egypt had almost succeeded in destroying Israel) once again Egypt had a technological advantage and a large numerical advantage. In 1973, Egypt even violated the international law and launched a war without a declaration and in complete surprise.

This war ended in crushing defeat and almost annihilation of the entire Egyptian army. Again, how was that even possible? The surprising reason for this will be explained here.

Today, however, the situation couldn’t be more different. Israel is a technological major power with a great advantage in the field of armament. In fact, Israel is the fourth largest arms manufacturer in the world. Israeli weapons are considered to be so groundbreaking that even the American army is equipped with Israeli technology.
The size of the Israeli army today is one of the largest in the Middle East, and the relationship between the size of the Israeli army and the Egyptian army has never been better as far as Israel is concerned.

However, today Israel has new and deadly threats. The international community is attacking Israel without even trying to hide the injustice & politics involved. Europe has become Muslim and even worst, the Israeli economy cannot afford the enormous costs of modern warfare. Stealth planes and “Anti-missile” missiles like the “Iron Dome” cost billions. Money that Israel doesn’t have. Will Israel be able to stand up to a big country like Egypt in the modern era?

The Egyptian War Plan for the Occupation of Israel:

map of Israel and Egypt's war

Map of the Egyptian invasion into Israel

The most likely scenario: It is most likely that the attack will start with complete surprise, after the distraction of both Hamas and Hezbollah. A pre-planned missile attack from the north will force a concentration of the unsuspecting Israeli army, away from the southern Egyptian border [A in the map].

Especially the “Iron Dome” anti-missile systems that Israel is currently placing in front of the fence between Israel and Gaza down south.

When the Israeli army and air force are concentrated away from them, under a pretext of a “military exercise” or anti-terror activity. The Egyptian army will advance into the Sinai peninsula and after closing some of the “Demilitarized buffer zone’s” gap, launch a massive missile and aircraft attack on the communications bases, airfields and anti-aircraft systems of exposed southern Israel.

An endless tsunami of troops and Tanks will wash over the desert in a Soviet Style warfare. Relic of the cold war [B in the map].
As in 1973 when the “Ground turned black” from the Egyptian forces. Crashing everything in their path, using their huge numeric advantage. Only now they will be using 21st century’s Tech that will enable them to move much faster. Faster then Israel can move its troops back south.

Long before the Egyptian army, Egyptian commando soldiers will take positions in hidden stations along the roads all over the Sinai. Waiting for the Israeli armor to pass by, rushing to engage the Egyptian T-72s and also the US-made Abrams tanks. Then in complete surprise, destroy the Israeli Merkava tanks with mines and anti-tank missiles [C in the map].

The Israeli army will lose many soldiers and will have to decide whether to defend the southern or northern border. Israel cannot fight on all fronts because Israel is small and has no resources like the Arab states. Israel’s situation will become desperate within days.

Israel will beg for a political solution and be forced to give up all of its southern territories. During the peace talks and the cease-fire. Egypt will betray Israel and renew the missile attack. But this time at a much shorter range.

Egyptian missiles, coordinated with rockets from Hezbollah in Lebanon and terrorist organizations from Syria, Jordan, Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority will overwhelm the IDF.

The Israeli army will not be able to respond to all threats and will collapse.

Countless terrorist organizations will enter Israel, carry out murderous attacks, and occupy entire areas in Jerusalem, Haifa, Netanya, Akko and more. At this stage, the US will intervene in the UN and the battles will end. The territories that fell into the hands of the Muslims will eventually pass into their possession, despite the UN’s claims that territory can’t be won by force, they will allow the Muslims to keep Jewish fallen lands and even fight for their “Occupation rights”.

The State of Israel will remain smaller than ever and without the ability to stop the next war. Millions of Israelis will abandon it for fear of violence and thus the Zionist dream will be destroyed.

This is the best Egyptian scenario, but is it realistic?
well, there’s a little piece of information missing here. Did we take into account the “PERE” (savage) incident of the Second Lebanon War?

The IDF’s nasty surprise to Egypt

For those who are not aware, here is a summary of an unknown battle that completely changed the concept of armored warfare in many armies around the world.

In the heart of Lebanon during the 2nd Lebanon war, Merkava tanks attacked terrorist positions, behind which were old Patton tanks for backup. The terrorists saw a golden opportunity to destroy the old-fashioned “Magach” (improved Patton tanks). They crept past the advancing Merkavas and prepared a missile attack on the old and helpless Patton tanks.

An excellent plan but information they (and the rest of the world) lacked was that these were not ordinary Patton tanks, in fact, they were not tanks at all.

Their cannons were fake and could not fire at all. These were the PEREH tanks, a brand new type of armored combat vehicle.

Pereh TankThe Israeli “Pereh” all missile tank has a fake canon in order to confuse the enemy. It can fire missiles to a range of almost 30 KM (18 miles). The average tank range is 2 miles

Secret openings in the tank opened and the most advanced missiles in the world (in Israel’s exclusive service) launched from more than 10 kilometers away.

What was so special about the PEREH tank?

The PEREH tank was armed with “fire & forget” missiles instead of shells. The missiles, unlike NATO’s missiles, are remotely controlled (like drown from an underground base near Tel Aviv.

Like the American Hellfire missiles, they were independent and deadly. But unlike the Hellfire, they were intended for use from the ground and not only from a helicopter. Plus, their range was much larger than the Hellfire missiles.

These were missiles that could destroy any tank in the world, including the American Abrams from a distance of nearly 30 kilometers, all without the need for a controller.

The PEREH tank simply fires a missile in the general direction of the enemy. Immediately after the launch, a distant controller takes over the missile and targets it with great precision.

Meanwhile, the PEREH tank continues to acquire targets and shoot missiles in an onslaught and at a dizzying pace. There is no army in the world that operates such a system other than Israel.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Israeli PEREH tanks could also launch unmanned aerial drones to discover targets from above-using heat cameras and radar. Soldiers and equipment hidden from the tank are most visible to its drones. The PEREH is only one weapon from an endless number of Israeli technologies designed to support the Israeli new war strategy.

A strategy different from all the other armies of the world that are still planned according to the rules of the Cold War. This, more than any other, is the reason for the Israeli victories.

Therefore, the more likely scenario for the war between Israel and Egypt is:

The Egyptian army breaks into the Sinai desert with huge armored forces. Accompanied by commando soldiers who infiltrated the border into Israel and carried out sabotage attempts, mainly disrupting the roads in order to stop Israeli armor columns while still being transported on trucks.

But to their surprise, they discover that the sky is filled with hundreds of unmanned aircraft. These nasty killer drones were designed to hunt down the air defense systems that accompany the Egyptian tanks.

The Egyptian anti-aircraft systems attempt to defeat the drones and drops dozens of unmanned aircraft down to the ground. But the hundreds remaining in the air are attracted like wasps to the Egyptian defenses.

Unlike NATO’s Drone Philosophy, of huge armed unmanned airplanes. Israel (the inventor of the drone) developed a small cruse killer drown. Very small and chip, for the price of one stealth plane you can buy thousands of hunter drones. And Israel has endless numbers of this menace.

Hundreds of long-range anti-tank drones appear from all directions. Saturating the Egyptian army. After the destruction of the air defense system of the Egyptians, communications and command vehicles. Confusion takes over the vast Egyptian army units. Now, their vast numbers become impossible to manage.

Where is the Egyptian Air Force?

The Egyptian Air Force does come to aid, why? Unlike other Western countries, Israel has developed a corps that no other army has: the missile corps.

This does not replace or complement the artillery as in the case with other armies. Rather it is a second air force that does not use any manned aircraft.

For those who do not know, Israel is the country that invented the UAV and is also the first country to use a UAV in battle. In fact, the first US-made drones from the Gulf War were Israeli-made.

Since then, Israel has been leading the world in the unmanned vehicles and the Israeli army has autonomous tanks, mini-vehicles armed (without a driver), rapid assault boats without crews, and more … In fact, the world’s leading unmanned civilian car company is based on Israeli tech (Israeli autonomic cars tech companies were bought for over 15 Billion dollars during 2015-2018).

One of those revolutionary weapons is the suicide bomber.

What is this innovative weapon?

Harop Israeli drone

It is a drone that roams the sky for hours and long distances and searches for a target, just like a spy drone. But the moment it finds its target, it dives on it and explodes. Unlike the American UAVs flying high and armed with missiles, the suicide bombers fly low and fast, they are very small and very cheap, Israel can flood the sky with hundreds of hunters that cover vast areas and can’t be intercepted, because once you’ve shot one of them, you’re only exposing yourself to the onslaught of a whole swarm of suicidal planes, like a deadly swarm of wasps relentlessly attacking the enemy of the hive.

Most are not aware of this, but this Israeli strategy has already changed the entire defense system around the world.

Has the Israeli swarm bot technology been tested in battle?

After the Yom Kippur War, in which the Soviet anti-aircraft missiles SAMs almost caused the destruction of the State of Israel.

Israel, like the United States and Europe, had no effective answer for that, and the use of planes became impossible.

However, a decade later in the Lebanon War, Israel stunned the world once it had “cleaned” the skies of Lebanon and Syria from Soviet missiles in less than 48 hours.

How? Israel introduced a new technology: the UAV, a swarm of small and cheap aircraft, an upgraded version of a toy plane with a remote control, armed with cameras only, flooded the skies of the Middle East. Dozens were immediately intercepted, but this was a misleading victory.

Like the Hydra, each intercepted plane attracted a swarm of unmanned planes. But how did unarmed “toys” destroy so many missile systems? Here enters another system, this time particularly sophisticated. The Hunting System (Which Israel has just officially admitted that it exist).

Israel’s missile corps, which includes suicide missiles and ballistic missiles with a huge range and a warhead of up to one ton, is one of the most accurate and smallest ballistic missiles in the world. The Jericho missiles are so powerful that Israel managed to launch a satellite into space with the Jericho missile. And yet it is a missile small enough to be installed on a truck. The Jericho missiles can hit in precision that had been reserved for cruise missiles in the past. You can hit the window of a building with the Jerichos.

How will the Egyptian army deal with Israeli technology according to this scenario?

The Egyptian army today, still built like the armies of the Cold War era. But in the war with Israel, he will encounter a method of warfare that did not exist at that time. The Israeli strategy is very different from any strategy currently practiced by NATO and Russia.

The difference between the strategies of Israel and the world’s powers:

  1. The Egyptian army (like the Russian army) is based on tanks as mobile fortresses that carry the fighting to the enemy. Quickly and powerfully, the best way to destroy a tank is with another tank.
    The Israeli strategy uses the Merkava tank, which is one of the most advanced in the world and surpasses in its capabilities the Egyptian armor. But Israel is one of the few countries in the world that does not use tanks in the traditional way. Since World War II, the whole world had used armor in the same way. But not Israel. Israel uses its tanks to force the enemy to maneuver. The presence of the tanks forces the enemy out of hiding and protects itself from the steel monsters. At this stage, Israel is changing its tactics. The real hunters are robots armed with missiles, some flying and some on the ground. The swarm strategy strikes again. This time against tanks. All this happens while Israeli tanks launch missiles and cut into Egyptian armor from a range of 10-30 kilometers (18 miles), far beyond the ability of the Egyptian tanks to defend themselves (2.5 kilometers).


  2. Egyptian anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs), Egypt’s wild card in the past, will be the first to be attacked by hundreds of IDF suicide drones. Weapons that Egypt has no defense against.


  3. The Egyptian Air Force was in the wars of the past greater and more advanced than the Israeli Air Force. Today, not only is the Israeli Air Force larger than the Egyptian. The Israeli Air Force is one of the world leaders in its training and technology level, which includes stealth planes, upgraded Apache helicopters, and ground-breaking missile systems. A more advanced technology than Egypt or any other country in the Middle East possess.


  4. Israel’s Iron Dome syndrome. Iron Dome became famous for its amazing achievements in the war with Gaza.
    Iron Dome System
    Hamas believed it had a winning card, thousands of missiles aimed at Israeli citizens. But to their amazement, Israel, which invented the firewall for everyone’s computers, now invented a firewall of “anti-missile” missiles and turned the war against Gaza into a one-sided battle in which Israel is batting Hamas and Hamas is unable to strike even one serious blow. This disgrace was stopped only by Israel’s international embarrassment, as Israel was perceived in the world as a bully beating a helpless child.

    But what the world does not know is that Iron Dome is the simplest and most negligible system within Israel’s defense system. Missiles such as the “Arrow” and the “David’s Sling” are more advanced and have a much larger range. Israel even has a missile defense system (Trophy) for the Merkava Mark 4.trophy
    It is a technology that is ahead of the rest of the world in a whole generation. Even the Americans bought this system for its Abrams tanks.
    The Egyptian army has nothing that even approaches this technology.


  5. What about the Egyptian use of terrorists? Well, Israel is the most armed country in the West. The Israeli home front is far from being helpless, as many terrorists have discovered in the last two years when they tried to attack Israeli civilians. Most of them were killed before they could carry out the attack.

How does Egypt’s occupation of Israel scenario end?

The Egyptian army managed to surprise Israel with an initial missile attack and sent its armored forces galloping through the Sinai desert. But they will not encounter Israeli armor, but rather thousands of hunting missiles that sow panic and confusion in the Egyptian army. The destruction of the southern bases will succeed in disrupting the IDF’s activity for a short period only. The range of Israel’s hunting missiles is enormous and they can take off from bases in central Israel and even from the north.

Egypt’s ballistic missiles will sow fire trajectories in the skies of Israel but will be blocked by the Israeli defense system, with huge explosions that will illuminate the night sky. Israeli citizens are well trained in this scenario and Israel has a bomb sheltering bunker in EVERY APARTMENT, EVERY SCHOOL AND EVERY PUBLIC PLACE (called MAMADs).

And now its Israel’s turn, the Israeli Jericho missiles will destroy one of the other depth targets inside Egypt. The Egyptian cities are built without civilian protection and without anti-missile shelters. The first to be hit will be airports, command bases and communication posts. Fuel tanks and factories. The Israeli missiles are even accurate enough to blow up railroads more than 1,000 kilometers away. Even the massive dam of Aswan will be bombed with a demo missile as a warning (the destruction of the dam will flood the most populated area in Egypt killing thousands and causing damage in the multi-billion level).

After three weeks of fighting, the damage from Israel’s bombardment will be so severe that the UN (motivated by Russia, patron of the Arabs) cry out to stop the fighting, as happened in 1973, 1967, 1956 and 1949.

Israel will keep for itself the territories occupied in Sinai and return them later as part of a new peace agreement. Another in an endless series of futile conflicts.