Cassia Anointing Oil-For Evangelicals

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Cassia Anointing Oil for Evangelicals is an Olive oil based mixture of Cassia (oriental plant that was widely used in antiquaty) and organic Olive Oil produced in JERUSALEM’S aria. The Cassia Anointing Oil is considered to have medicinal properties and the olive oil gives the skin a shining glaze.

Evangelical value:

Eternal-Jerusalem is a website run by native Jewish Israelis and is intended to make the Holy Land more accessible to Evangelical Christians worship.

Anointing Oils are mentioned 24 times in Scriptures, 20 times in the Old Testament and another 4 times in the New Testament.

〉〉  Exodus 30:23–24

23 “Take the efinest spices: of liquid myrrh 500 shekels, and of sweet-smelling cinnamon half as much, that is, 250, and 250 of faromatic cane, 24 and 500 of cassia, according to the shekel of the sanctuary, and a ghin5 of olive oil.

It is a mixture of refined olive oil and various spices. The value to the skin and its medicinal value according to alternative medicine is high, but this is not the reason for the high demand for the anointing oils.

The real value of the anointing oil:

The value is symbolic, the Jews used to anoint the High Priests of the Temple and even kings. Mary anointed Jesus with a similar perfume.

Cassia Oil – Product Description:

The Cassia Anointing Oil is an Olive oil based mixture of Cassia, which is an oriental plant similar in many ways to Cinnamon but considered to have more medicinal properties and the Cassia plant in widely used in herbal and natural medicine even today, Cassia anointing oil have been hailed one of the most potent and widely applicable anointing oil.

The traditional Anointing oils use olive oil as a base because of the olive oil fruitfulness of vitamins E and K: vitamin. The vitamin E is import for it is a powerful antioxidant which helps fight free radical damage. The olive oil is intensely moisturizing and it helps your body fight visible signs of aging.

*The oil Bottle is available in several sizes.

The Anointing Oil produced by “New Jerusalem” offers a wide selection of anointing oils, which have been created from a selection of natural olive oil harvested in the Jerusalem and Judea aria. Manufactured without synthetic substances, these pure oils have both medicinal properties and give a wonderful glaze to the skin.