A fascinating production by CBN about the unknown truth of the father of Zionism.

A fascinating production by CBN about the unknown truth about the father of Zionism.

God chose to act through a secular, sinful prophet. Which made the impossible possible. Against huge forces that tried to stop him but failed.


“IF YOU WILL IT, IT IS NO DREAM” | The prophetic visioner

The fact that most people do not know is that the father of Zionism was not a religious person at all. He also did not believe that Israel was the most appropriate country to become a “Jewish state”. But one thing is certain in Theodor Herzl’s stunning story.

An inexplicable force pushed this secular and liberal man of the Media, suddenly in the middle of life, with uncompromising faith in the establishment of the Jewish state, which is the present day Land of Israel.
Herzl was infamous & ridiculed by most of the world as a “Dreamer & Prophetic Fool” with an impossible vision, but as Herzl himself answered the Jewish fearful of increased prosecution due to Zionism communities in Europe & Russia, the Ottomans & British empire:

“If you will it, it is no dream” | (אם תרצו, אין זו אגדה)

Today he is World famous for being the  Forefather of Israel –  the “State of the Jews”.