ASTOUNDING: Christians blessed at the Western Wall by Jews

Can any Christian send a prayer request in a note
to be palaced & blessed
by jews in the western wall?

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Blessing day at the Western Wall of Jerusalem, for those who bless Israel.

I am so excited by this blessing day at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The opportunity to bless back those who blessed us is a big honor.
The Christians who support us Jews living in Zion deserve to be blessed, that is written.

My wife and I decided to take a day off and go to Jerusalem to deliver, in the cracks of the holy wall, the prayers of our good Christians friends. Especially from the US.

Dawn of a new blessed era for us.

Special thanks, to our good friend Dawn (Shahar-שחר), who teaches us about Christianity and Jesus.
We believe that Jerusalem & Israel were given to the people of Israel, but we always remember that the land does not belong to us, the land belongs to God.
We only manage the place and it’s a big responsibility too.
Israelis must remember that Jerusalem is holy to all the great religions. We remember that many Christians around the world rely on us to keep the land free for Christian worship.


We will fight to keep Israel “Christian worship” friendly forever.

To all our Christian friends in the world I say, not only do we keep the worship free for the Christians. The group to which I belong took the Job of bringing the Land of Israel and worshipping in Jerusalem as close as possible to Christians in the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa and anywhere else in the world, AMEN.

Dawn showed us the way to the true friendship between Jews and Christians. I feel it is a great honor for me to put the prayer of Dawn inside the Western Wall.

Thank you, Dawn, for bringing Christians and Jews closer, in Israel.

May God bless us all and give us love, light, health and the ability to see the way to redemption.
We see ourselves as watchman of the Christians rights in the Holy Land. This is because blessing should be returned. Those who blessed us, Your payment had already been paid, and thanks to your loving support, you always have a right in the Land of Israel & Jerusalem.s


If you also want to receive a blessing, write to us:

pray in Jerusalem