How we defend children from Terror bombing & Chemical attacks in Israel

Why wars in Israel are so disproportionate when it comes to civilian casualties?

Red alert – Once the sirens sound, you have 30-50 seconds to run into the bunker before the Hezbollah or Hamas rockets explode all around you.

Sometimes a month passes without any terrorist attack, sometimes 20 missiles fall in one day.
Imagine that you’re at work and suddenly the sirens sound?
Where are my children now?
They have 30 seconds to reach the bunker. Did the teacher manage to bring all the children in so quickly?
Did my kids got left outside?

How do you call an Israeli doomsday prepper?
A civilian

This is the reality in Israel. Terror deliberately targets its missiles at Israeli citizens, sometimes thousands of missiles explode in one month, all fired from Gaza or Lebanon, all aimed at civilians.

This is a war crime that the world has ignored for many years.
Israel has long distrusted the UN, which has failed us so many times.

I remember in the Golf war, we were bombed by Saddam Hussein. The bomb shelters were useless. They were not fit for modern warfare. We stopped using them and instead ran into an improvised safe room, put on the gas masks and pray.

Today, those lessons were learned and implemented. Israel is protected very differently than the USA or most other nations in the world.

The world’s most elaborate civilian defense system 

So, Israel has developed the most effective missile defense system in the world. Many people heard of the “Iron Dome” system, but the truth is that Israel already has much more advanced systems.

The problem is that even the best defence system sometimes misses. Therefore, Israel has a bunker in every apartment, in every office and in every public building.

In this series of videos I will present the world’s largest bunkers system. The bunkers system of Israel.

Why is the Israeli bunker so different from the bunkers in the US, and which is better?

The Israeli bunker is an exception to the world’s bomb shelter standard:

  1. The Israeli bunker is located above ground, sometimes on the 40th floor or more. The American bunker was buried as deeply as possible.
  2. The Israeli bunker is protected against direct physical attack (rocket…), chemical attack, biological attack and even atomic fallout. The typical American bunker is protected only against physical vulnerability or atomic fallout, and only in rare cases are they protected against all threats together.
  3. The Israeli bonkers is small and privet. we have many small safe rooms for small groups of people for short terms, American bonkers are meant to house many people for a long time.
  4. Israeli bonkers are usually regular rooms, like a nursery or one of the bedrooms in the house, The American bonkers are usually a special room dedicated just for that purpose.

This is why American bonkers are less effective

Do you have a bomb shelter in your block? can you wake your family and get to it in 30 sec?

Only last month, North Korea launched a missile over Japan. by the time the sirens were activated, the missile was long gone and fell in the sea. They would all be dead if it was a weapon of mass distraction. In Israel you can get to your Atomic Bonker in less than 1 min:

  1. Most weapons of mass distraction create airborne toxic threats, Atomic fallout, Mustard gas… So people in deep bonkers are more likely to suffocate, that is why Israel stopped using them.
  2. Usually when you finally get to your Bonker, you find it flooded with water from last winter and smelly. in Israel the Bonker is a comfortable room. It’s one of your rooms in your house or office, part of your regular life and so, very well maintained.
  3. Think about it, you get less than 1 min to wake your kids and get to safety. If your kids slip in a Bonker, how long will it take them to get to safety when the missiles come in the middle of the night?
    NO TIME, they are already there. That is another huge advantage that Israeli Bonkers have over American’s.
  4. A big community Bonker for many people takes a long time to fill, you are most likely to be left locked outside. But the Israeli, many small, well spread, privet Bonkers. Allow fast occupation, you can get your office floor or family into the Bonker and lock it quickly, without living people locked outside.

To be continued…