Why doesn’t Israel recognize the Armenian genocide?


Today I was asked a surprising question on my Facebook page, the question was asked in a very provocative way, in fact, she accused Israel:

“Why does not Israel recognize the Armenian genocide !!! Aaa”:

Recognize and pay the price?

The truth is I’m glad she asked that question. This is a question that many Israelis ask themselves.

Israel is not the only Holocaust victim

In fact, the Jews in Israel feel a great deal of empathy towards the Armenian holocaust, and yet Israel has never recognized that according to the Armenians the genocide was carried out by the Turks. Why doesn’t Israel recognize such a great disaster that almost destroyed another people? Don’t the Jews want to share the spotlight of a nation that has almost been destroyed?

The cost of the truth for Israel

Well, the real reason is that Israel, like the rest of the world, is afraid of Turkey’s reaction.

Today, Turkey is the second biggest threat to Israel after Iran. Erdogan uses every opportunity to attack Israel because he believes, like Egypt in the past, and also Iraq and Iran at present, that if he attacked Israel, the entire Arab world will turn him into the leader of Islam. 

21-century sultan

If Erduan manages to sweep the Muslim world into a Holy War (Jihad), he will have as much power as the sultans of the past. that means money, political power and… Ego.

The small and poor Israel does not have the strength to deal with such a large and dangerous country.
As an Israeli official once joked, they have more soldiers than Israel has bullets.

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