Fake News-FreeZone: Rumors of Pakistani Israeli war; DISSEMINATED

Why is Pakistan spreading Fake News about Israeli aggression?

It is hard not to notice that the historic and successful meeting in January 2018, between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Brings the “War of Threats” between Israel and Pakistan to new heights.

Israeli PM receiving a royal treatment by India’s PM (14.01.2018)

Was Israel boycotted by India, which voted against the “Trump Declaration” in the UN, and how does this relate to the NUCLEAR threat posed by Pakistan?

Did you know that Israel and India have been cooperating for a long time now? Especially about turning the desert into a fertile land. Israel is one of the leading countries in the field of desert eradication and the transformation of dry lands into fertile fields.

Israel’s “Defeating the Desert” technology is responsible for about 90% of the water recycling in Texas for example, and for transforming whole districts of India from deserts into fertile and profitable agricultural fields for the local population.

But beyond agriculture and high-tech, Pakistan’s problem with India’s economic relations with Israel is that Israel is also one of the world’s most advanced weapons developers.

The main difference between Israeli weapons and European and American weapons is that Israel supplies weapons with relatively similar performance to Europe and the US, but at a much lower price, thanks to the vast experience that Israel is accumulating using these weapons.

The worst Pakistani nightmare is that a country with a huge military budget such as India would be armed by a country with advanced weapons technology such as Israel.

Imagine that you are Russian, in the midst of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet bloc … Suddenly you find that the US is about to sign an “advanced arms deal” with … Well, there is no country that demonstrates the technological gap between Israeli advanced weapons VS. Pakistan’s 90’s Soviet weapons.

So let us imagine that the US is about to get advanced weapons from aliens that landed in area 51 or something like that.

The Israeli term for such a deal is an “Equality Braking Weapon”. A weapon that can bring a crushing defeat for your army, as it happened to Saddam Hussein in the Gulf Wars.

Did you think that’s reason enough?  there’s another, even bigger reason.

After the historic “Trump Declaration”. Most of the Muslim community is mobilizing to fight the possibility that Israel will strengthen its status as a real state. After all, most Muslim countries still do not recognize Israel as a state at all, that is the Muslim policy since 1948 and to this day.

International Muslim threats have caused many countries to vote against the “Trump Declaration” at the UN. Personally, I can understand and identify with their “betrayal”, as defined by the White House of the United States.

The threats from the Muslim community, which counts over 1.4 billion people, and over 400 million of whom are defined as extremists (as many as the entire US) and even have a potential for violence.

These numbers are likely to frighten any country, including the US itself, and even worst, there are 56 Muslim countries in the world (not including Great Britain), 22 of whom are members of the Arab League, which openly calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.

So, the Muslim world is applying a lot of pressure, using the UN arena, on the rest of the countries in the world. they use their large numbers to obtain an Automatic Majority in every UN vote (including the International Court of Justice).

56 countries can win almost any UN vote, even without the help of other countries.
Therefore, a country that votes against the demands of the Muslim world takes upon itself a great risk of condemnation and harassment by the UN in the future.

The UN vote exploded in Pakistan’s face, so Pakistan launched a NUCLEAR intimidation campaign against India and Israel.

Muslim presser managed to force India into going against the US and Israel in the UN. However, that was a short-lived victory and Pakistan didn’t get to enjoy it for even 1 week. as events have turned against them in a surprising way.

Pakistan’s pressure on India and their support of Muslim militant organizations fighting Israel has made India realize that it could also soon become a victim of these threats. And must strengthen its Anti-Terror weapons designed to fight terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hamas & Hezbollah.

But now, after India’s vote against Trump and Israel at the UN, tensions have been created between the countries, and the US/Israeli fear of selling advanced weapons to a country that could cease to be an ally and even Perhaps transfer these advanced weapons of the US and Israel to Iran, Pakistan and the terrorist organizations. has become a relationship blocker.

After India disappointed president Trump in the UN, India demonstrates its support for Israel in an explicit and clear manner, to regain US’s trust.

In order to win back the support of Israel and the United States (especially the US), India expresses its desire for friendship and cooperation with Israel in an extravagant and even more extreme way than ever before. India understands that without US support it is alone in the rivalry against Pakistan Russia and China.

And without Israel’s technology, it will need much more funds in exchange for arms and agricultural means. entire major projects may be canceled due to the increased in costs.

What is so special about Israeli technology that makes India want to strengthen relations with Israel even at the price of making the Muslims angry?

Israel is developing unique weapons such as powerful missile defense systems countering enemy missiles designed to fall on civilian cities (as Gaza fires at Israel), and even hunter cruise missiles (missiles that fly many hours over the target area, seeking a specific person. The missile can identify that person by itself, even if that person is in disguise), when they discover the person/target, they ram the target and neutralize it. This exclusive Israeli weapon is designed to engage terrorists and stop the infiltration of armed militants, who “Pop” from tunnels.

And of course, everyone knows the Israeli Iron Dome missile family, which became very famous due to the war in Gaza. But in fact it is only one (and the least important) system within a broad range of missile defense that Israel has developed and are considered the most effective in the world.

From “Iron Dome”, which intercepts short-range missiles, to missiles that restrict the sky, such as the “David’s Sling”, and even denies space as a defense against long-range nuclear missiles such as the “Arrow” system.

But the US also has advanced weapons, why does India risk tension with Pakistan, in order to sign a weapons deal with Israel?

American weapons equivalent to Israeli weapons are significantly more expensive. Even the US itself sometimes prefers to acquire Israeli missile systems such as the “Iron Fist” that protects the Abrams tanks against anti-tank missiles, UAVs/Drowns (Israel invented the Drown and the first US drowns were Israeli made), flight control systems (such as in the V-22 Osprey) and many other systems.
Even Turkey, which is officially Israel’s greatest enemy. In secret, buys weapons from Israel for billions of Dollars.