The Jerusalem “FIRM” Christian / Messianic 3 day conference for Jesus lovers

The Jerusalem "FIRM" all jesus followers (not only christians) global conference

The  “FIRM” Christian / Messianic and all other Jesus lovers conference in the heart of ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem

It’s simply unbelievable. Thousands of Christian and Messianic believers arrived in Jerusalem for a conference of “FIRM” working in cooperation with the “KING OF KINGS”.

As I first arrived at the compound I didn’t really know what to expect, I never saw a mass worship in Jesus name before. Nothing prepared me for the power and depth of the grand vision that I saw.

Hundreds of believers from all over the world came to Jerusalem to the FIRM compound to celebrate their love for Jesus. The most amazing thing to me was that the Messianics define themselves as Jews who believe in Jesus.
I personally am aware of this idea for quite some time, in fact, it is also theoretically not impossible from a Jewish standpoint. But seeing it on such grand scale was simply moving.

I think that a celebration like that would have been next to impossible 10-15 years ago.
Things are changing in Jerusalem it is hard not to notice, many little things, easy to miss but when you collect them all under one spotlight, they get a new meaning.

A celebration of love to Jesus or to one another?

the celebration of international Jesus worshipers. For me personally (considering all the different congregations and different beliefs) it’s rather surprising that such a conference is even possible. But I guess where there are love and desire, anything is possible.

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Put your own note with your own prayer in the Western Wall in Jerusalem

You can also get a blessing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It doesn’t cost money.

We are Israelis that are grateful for the great miracle that has happened to us and we invite all believers of all religions in the world to enjoy the Holy Land and Jerusalem with us.