FIRM-Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries vs. Eternal-Jerusalem-review


FIRM-a worldwide fellowship of Christian ministries working to preserve and strengthen the connection to Jesus as the Messiah in the Land of Israel.

FIRM’s Philosophy:

The global de-legitimization movement against Israel creates a global vulnerability, including in Christian countries. Anti-Israel movements must be combated by means of advocacy and closeness to the Holy Land. The assumption is that after Christians see with their own eyes that propaganda against Israel is not based on truth. It would be easier to spread the message of love to Israel.

FIRM’s fundamental Points:

  1. Distribute information that will inspire people around the world, especially leaders, about the need to strengthen Israel.
  2. Connecting Christian bodies and churches, to achieve improved synergy for achieving their goals.
  3. Give tangible tools for those who wish to connect to the Holy Land.

FIRM’s Main activity:

Their main activity is organized conferences and organized tours in Israel for Christians from various countries around the world.

The difference between FIRM and ETERNAL-JERUSALEM

Basically: FIRM is a Christian organization who call for global Christian communities to bless Israel. While we are Israeli Jews who call to our Israeli brothers to return the blessings of our Christian brothers from the land of Israel, to the global community.

Let’s chuck it down:


  1. A Messianic movement, its purpose is to establish and speed up the coming of Christ as the Messiah.
  2. The movement is based on a Christian infrastructure and is a “hosted” movement in Israel as an external body (and certainly desirable by Israelis).
    This is a movement that appeals to a small minority in the Land of Israel, but to a large majority of the world’s Christians.
  3. The movement mainly affects Christians from all over the world, although the movement welcomes Jewish activity, it has little influence on the Jewish population in Israel. The movement focuses on activities for Christians from European countries, America and more, as well as among Christian bodies within the Land of Israel.
  4. The movement is working to explain why Christians are supposed to bless Israel.
  5. The main activity of the movement is to physically bring Christians to Israel so that they can stop feeling far away and once they arrive here, help them to have the best experience possible.


  1. A Secular movement that is not Messianic at all. We are not working to establish Jesus as the Messiah but believe that because this is still a probability, and because the Evangelicals have earned their right to receive the blessing of the people of Israel, according to Scripture.

    We work to help the Evangelical stream to establish an infrastructure in the Land of Israel and to strengthen its ties to the Holy Land to engage in free and safe Christian worship. Free of harm and limitations.
    In addition, we work to preserve a platform for the evangelicals to present their argument throughout the Jewish community in Israel, if they believe that Jesus has indeed returned. So, they can better convince the Jews of it.
    Of course, we are working to build an infrastructure, but the work of proof still falls on Christians

  2. We are a Jewish-Israeli movement under Israeli leadership and staff. We are an integral part of the Jewish state and our activists come from all sectors of the Israeli population including the army, special security services, official Jewish bodies, parents of Israeli children and more, most of us are not Christians.
  3. Unlike FIRM, we influence mostly the Jewish population in Israel and hardly represent any community outside of Israel.
  4. We are working to explain within the Land of Israel why we must give more access and rights to Christians from all over the world within our country.
  5. Our main activity is to spread the Israeli experience out to the Christians who cannot come here by themselves, by reality videos of life in Israel, prayers on behalf of Christians here in Israel, sending Bibles which received a blessing from Israel to Christians abroad and more …
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