Israel and the Palestinian territory dispute

Would you justify a war for this?

From this viewpoint, I can observe with one glance the two borders of the tiny State of Israel. This is the entire width of the land of Israel.
All the wars and all the world’s powers have been engaged for nearly 70 years, thousands of dead, thousands of refugees, and all that in order to take away this tiny strip of land from the Jews.

Look at the comparison between the Middle East and the U.S.A

The middle east map

The Middle East covers almost all of the USA, and all this area is almost entirely Muslim.

The State of Israel is not even a tenth of a percent of the Middle East.

Now seriously, if it was a “land-only” conflict, would you risk 99.99% of your property that contains natural resources such as oil, natural gas and more … just to get another 0.001% of which there are no valuable natural treasures or any value at all?

Would that be a stupid investment?

If you were presenting this plan to your investment manager, would he advise you to grab that kind of a deal in your opinion?

There is no logic in claiming that the conflict is about borders. It is a conflict of religious fanatics who want to destroy the West and Israel is the closest Western country, and therefore in their eyes it is the first in line to the JIHAD.

Do you think we should spread fundamentalism?

Today Israel is the “cork” that keeps evil locked in region. I can’t understand why the Liberals so insist on freeing the evil from its prison and spreading it throughout Europe and the United States

The map of of the middle east vr. U.S. was created by the U.S. government.  It was taken from the government documents website of the Paul V. Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Il. and referenced from:

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