Did Britain steal the Palestinian’s land, rather than Israel? thus starting the Israeli Palestinian conflict?

Britain stole palestine

Did you know that if you will ask an Israeli Arab “are you a Palestinian?” he will most likely answer “Yes I am a Balestinian”.

Why? because Arabs in the Middle-East can’t pronouns the letter “P”.
Question:  How likely were they to give themselves a name that they cannot even pronouns?

Well… they didn’t. Palestine is a British invention meant to incite the Israeli Palestinian conflict as part of their “Divide & conquer” policy in the early 1900s (when the British empire occupied the Holy Land).

The following facts are actually British made-up lies?

1.    The Palestinian Israeli conflict is about the Palestinian’s right to own land in Israel (No they don’t, Britain evoked that right in 1922).

2.    Israel drove off the Palestinian’s from their land in 1948. (Nope, the Arab league did).

3.    Britain is a friend of the Palestinians (Impossible: the refugee issue is mostly Britain’s doing).

In this extraordinary article (rarely someone accuse a major power, even if its true), I will expose, beyond any doubt that NONE OF THE ABOVE is true, also I will reveal why the Palestinians never had any right to the land of Israel and its all thanks to England, they will remain second grade refugees forever, thanks to the British self-serving foreign “Divide & Conquer” incitant policy. 

Important: This is not an Anti-British article/website. Israelis mostly cherish the rich British culture that had become a part of the Israeli culture. Yet in order to continue forward, we must break the shackles of the past, which in Britain’s case, are still an obstacle in the path for “Freeing Palestine”.

Before we dive in: A question to “BDS” (Anti-Israeli movement): If Israel is breaking the international law, why isn’t Israel being prosecuted in the international court?

A hard question every human rights/Liberal activist must ask themselves: Is it because everybody loves Israel so much that they get a “special treatment”?

Impossible: the international community is obsessed with persecuting Israel, more than any other nation.

Out of the UN’s total sum of 73 resolution votes (since founding):

  • 20 were Anti-Israeli.
  • 1 referred to the holocaust in Syria.
  • 1 referred to Iran
  • 1 referred to North Korea.

The only “special treatment” Israel is getting, is obsessed persecution.

The real answer: It’s because they know the court will laugh at them. They can’t prove any of the made-up accusations about Israel. For example:

  • Ariel Sharon
    Arikl sharon
    “Arik” was a famous Israeli  General (and Prime Minister) he is the General that basically defeated the Egyptian army in 1973. In retaliation, Muslims tried to prosecute him 3 times via EU courts, and 3 times the court dismissed the accusations/the authority to prosecute. they could never prove that there was a “Crime against humanity”. Since then, the Anti-Semites and British/EU organizations focused on the UN and not the courts, the UN doesn’t need to be correct in order of condemning a country they don’t even need to present facts, basically, they don’t need to explain themselves to anyone.

This article, that was written just to prove that British lead Anti-Israeli activists, although I respect their good intentions, they have big Christian hearts, are in fact wrong and are based on British lies, founded mostly buy the terror state of Qatar.

The amazing truth: Israel didn’t take the land from the Palestinians, Britain did.

  1. Why did Britain take the Palestinians land? For the Suez Canal of course. it was simply a strategic move to stop the continuity of the “Arab Belt” around the Suez Canal.


  2. Divide & Conquer”, Britain that lost all of its importance as an empire, still scraps for “influence” crumbs by inciting the Israeli Palestinian conflict. They believe that if Jews and Muslims will be engaged in a conflict, they could play both sides. Incredibly, they are very successful at this. Many Palestinians still don’t realize that they are forever poor and second-grade refugees, mostly due to Britains “help”.
    They are the only group in the world that is still suffering 70 years after the war. And will be suffering for much longer if England will have its evil way with them.


  3. The real reason that Britain is attacking Israel is; to hide the fact that they betrayed the Palestinians. If the Arabs understood who really stole Palestine from them, England’s status in the eyes of the Arabs would be lost. And a lot of money will be lost with it. So, they invented a smoke screen to hide their crimes, it’s called “Blame it all on scrawny Israel that can’t fight back a major power”.

The stealing of territories in Israel did not happen in a “One Big Move” rather, in several small steps. This article is dedicated to exposing those steps:

Step – 1 –
Britain’s First Betrayal:

In 1916, Britain and France, which at the time were major powers, divided the Middle East in the famous “Sykes-Picot” agreement that referred to the “Post-Ottoman” era.

Up until then, the entire Middle East was under Turkish ownership, and the Arab states we know today did not yet exist as independent states, rather as “provinces” within the Ottoman Empire.

Until today, many believe that the  “Sykes-Picot” agreement between Britain and France.  Is the source of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. This division of the Middle-East, using straight lined borders, I mean come on, it looks like they simply took a “ruler” and started drawing “mine” greed maps. completely disregarding the wishes and needs of the locals.

WATCH: The “Sykes-Picot” agreement and Its unfortunate consequences for the region:

But was this enough damage for Britain? Nope:
Britain did not like this agreement with France and was looking for a way to betray France.

Why did Britain stab France in the back?
Well… should be obvious, the main reason was that the agreement grants rights to other countries such as France, the US, and Russia in the Land of Israel, which is too close to the Suez Canal, Britain’s most valuable strategic asset.

The Balfour Declaration – A Knife in the Back of the French and the Arabs:

The British found a brilliant solution to renounce the agreements with the French and the Arabs. The solution was the Balfour Declaration.

In the Balfour Declaration, Britain gave Palestine to the Jewish people. At that time, Palestine was all the territory of Israel plus the territory that is now called the State of Jordan.

Anyone who thinks it was a gift, is very wrong. This was Britain’s way of shaking off the “Sykes-Picot” agreement. Thus, in the name of “aid to the Zionists”, Britain would be able to take control of the entire territory of the State of Israel and thus control a territorial contiguity from Egypt to Lebanon, meaning that the entire area around the Suez Canal, including the strategic port of Haifa, was exclusively in British hands.

As a Jew, I’m thankful for Britain for choosing to side with the Jews. No matter what were their hidden reasons.

WATCH: The self-serving British act of giving Palestine to the Zionists in the “Balfour Declaration”. and its painful implications for the Palestinians.
Note: this video was made by “Al-Jazeera”, a self-claimed anti-Zionist channel. I chose this video in order of maintaining a balanced argument across my website.

There were other reasons for the declaration, of course:

  1. Britain really believed that the Ottoman expulsion of Jews from the Land of Israel was immoral, since anyone with a Bible knows that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews.
  2. There was also the British commitment to the Jewish community that helped Britain in its war against the Ottoman Empire. Britain promised them autonomy in Israel in return for their assistance in the First World War.

    One of the biggest contributions was from Professor Weizmann who invented a more effective type of explosive for the British guns, which helped them win the war. Hundreds of thousands of Britons and French owe their lives to Weizmann.

  3. The Jewish underground transferred sensitive information from the Ottoman government offices, that greatly helped the British win over the Turks.

All these and more helped the Balfour Declaration to be welcomed by the British public at that time.

Step – 2 –
The Second Betrayal of Britain:
Splitting the Mandate over Palestine.

In 1920, Britain accepted the exclusive Mandate of Palestine at the “San Remo” Conference (the Balfour Declaration trick succeeded).

Wow, wait a minute. What the heck is a Mandate?

After World War I, the League of Nations decided that the best way to deal with the territory that used to belong to nonexistent empires like the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire, will be partitioned between the new nations, however, in some new nations the population was not ready yet, so in great kindness, Major countries will be given a Mandate to temporarily rule them and use their experience for creating growth.
This is how a mandate works:

  1. The old countries partition will be abolished.
  2. An experienced nation will be given temp governing power
  3. The mandate nations will give a report of the young nation’s progress to the LoN once a year.

Howww, does that mean that the Palestinian’s claim, that Palestine belongs to them because they lived on that land for hundreds of years, Is nonsense?

Yap, the British mandate evoked all their rights and “reset” all rights of all the people of Palestine back to “0” in 1922. Whatever existed before is irrelevant according to the international law.

In 1920 the Land of Israel also included the present-day Jordan. But the Arabs did not like this decision and Britain was afraid of the tensions, so in 1922 the LoN received Britain’s request to give the land of “Jordan” to the Arabs, that was a total violation of the promise given to the Jews.

Thus, the borders of the Land of Israel remained from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. These are the borders of Israel to this day (between 1922 and 1929 several amendments were made to the final outline).

The “League of Nations” )LoN (has defined these borders and they are the true international borders of Israel under international law until this very day.

Yes, that means that the “Settlements” are well within Israel’s territory.

Step -3 – 
Surprise: Against all odds, after the debate of Israel’s borders seemed like “a done deal”, there was a HUGE turn of events.

World War II changed the whole picture. In the years that followed, millions of people were exiled from their countries, European Jews lost their rights over their homes and property, people of German origin were exiled from most Eastern European countries and lost their property and all other rights there, mass deportations in Greece, India / Pakistan and more.

Entire nations have disappeared, new nations have emerged. It was a time of forced emigration of millions, all over the Globe.

In 1947, the “Redistribution of the Population” process also reached the Land of Israel. The “United Nations” (that replaced the “League of Nations”) decided on a new partition plan of Palestine that would replace the 1922 partition.

Step – 4 –
 Joy turned into a bloodbath

That new partition plan that the UN suggested was a massive betrayal of the Jews. They are now entitled to a very small percentage of the land promised to them in 1922. Still, the Jews excepted the UN’s 181 resolution. 

Tragically, the Arab League refused to accept the new partition and declared war.

Important clarification:

  1. Unlike the “League of Nations” resolutions, that were always binding. The UN’s General Assembly’s resolutions were just a suggestion like a “Mediation proposal”, only the UN’s Security council’s resolutions can in some cases be binding.

  2. The UN decided that the “League of Nations” resolutions were valid even after the establishment of the UN. [Examples] That was enforced several times, in Africa for example.

The Arab league published in the papers that they swore to “throw the Jews into the sea, living only rivers of Jewish blood behind them”. That was in complete violation of the UN’s resolution.

Astonishing: Did the entire “Arab League” violated the international law?

Amazingly; this is still inconclusive, for this reason:

  1. The UN’s General assembly’s resolutions are only recommendations.
  2. When the Arab League (which includes the Palestinians as well [who was the Palestinians leader]) rejected the partition plan of 1947 (resolution 181). They didn’t break the International law.
    they simply abolished the UN’s 181 resolution for a new partition of Palestine (the two-state solution). Thus, leaving the 1922 Partition Plan as the last valid legal partition plan approved by international law.

    In simple words; Israel’s borders are still from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean Sea, all of it a Jewish state. It has freedom of worship for Muslims and Christians but no political authority.

Impossible: If the 1947 borders of Israel were unaccepted? What are the borders that appear on contemporary maps?

In 1948, immediately after the British left Israel, a bloody war broke, threatening to literally commit Genocide of the Jews, by their Arab neighbors.

5 Arab states joined the Palestinian forces in their “Jihad”. they were not an improvised force, they all acted under the “Arab League’s” flag, as a coordinated single entity… but they lost.

Israel’s borders between 1949 and 1967 are in fact not international borders but temporary ceasefire lines.

Believe it or not, Israel did not have an official resolution to set its borders until this very day, Israel only has temporary ceasefire lines. Until today (2018) the only Permanent internationally legal resolution of Israel’s borders is from 1922 (from Jorden to the sea).

Since 1949, Israel has tried to reach a new permanent agreement with the Arab League in order to establish Israel’s final borders, but without success. The Arab league refuse to even recognize that Israel exist at all, in any borders (of course, this is a violation of international law & UN resolution).

Without borders for Israel, it is also impossible to give the Palestinians their own borders, and so they are “rights less refugees” from 1947until this very day (2018).

Step – 5 –
The Palestinian state that was almost founded, but never did: In 1967 the Israeli Palestinian conflict was almost resolved… But the Palestinians screwed their biggest chance for land in Palestine.

After the 1967 “6-day war”, Egypt called for an emergency UN security counsel meeting to force Israel to give up the territories that they conquered.  

That gave birth to the famous 242 resolution that gave the Palestinians rights over the land. But as always, the Arabs failed themselves, and Israel was saved thanks to Arab stupidity. Several proposals were offered by the USA, Russia, Britain, India and more.

Guess whose proposal was adopted? Britain’s of course.

It was supposed to unfairly discriminate Israel, but ended up saving Israel due to Palestinian’s endless ability for opportunity blindness.

  • The 242 resolution states that Israel must withdraw from “Territory”, not “All Territories” like the French subjected. Boom… a legal landmine. This vague definition set the biggest block for the peace process. The Palestinians insisted on “All territories” while Israel insisted on “Talking about the new borders”. The process basically failed thanks for British intervention (God bless the Queen).
  • The UN also conditioned all sides to accept each other’s rights to exist. However, the Palestinians refused to recognize Israel as a state, thus turning there backs on the opportunity that 242 offered them AKA Palestinian state in most of the “West bank’s” territory.
  • The term “Defensive Warthat was associated with Israel after resolution 242, refers to a country that was attacked and had no choice but to fight.
    According to UN’s law, in such a case, that state can demand the rights for “Defendable Borders”. That means that the state has the right to occupy captured territory to defend itself.
    How much territory?
    That’s a matter of negotiations. But negotiations never took place because the Arabs would not “negotiate with a country who they say, does not exit”.

** Note: The British claim that resolution 242 was deliberately vague.
Why? Because the British wanted to see an effort on all sides to gain real peace:


 resolution 242 (1967) UN website- Chapter VIII. Maintenance of international peace and security

“3. In reviewing issues currently before the Security Council, members of the Council also consulted on how to contribute to a peaceful political settlement in the Middle East. They reaffirmed their conviction that Security Council resolution 242 (1967) of 22 November 1967 should be supported and carried out in all its parts, and that to this end all concerned should fully co-operate in a concerted effort to promote the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

Step – 6 – 
 Israel tried to give the Palestinians a state, but paid the price of Britain’s 3rd betrayal

The most far-reaching attempt to date, made by Israel, to end the “Palestinian Israeli conflict” by giving the Palestinians a state of their own, was the Oslo Accords, according to which, Israel would hand over land to the Arabs, and in exchange the Arabs would commit themselves to live side by side in peace with Israel.

The Oslo Accords FAILED MISERABLY. Terror continued and even intensified. this puts the Palestinians in deep trouble, why?

The Oslo Accords are based on a number of stages, called the “Road Map for Peace”. Only after a stage is completed will the next stage begin.

That is the international community’s decision.

Note: The Oslo Accords are signed by the EU, USA, Palestinian government, Israel and other countries specifically. It is not a UN resolution. The Oslo Accords are very binding although they are not officially “International Law”.

And here lays the problem, Israel completely evacuated Gaza, thus keeping the Oslo accords to the letter. The Palestinians carried out ethnic cleansing of all Jews in Gaza. This is, of course, a war crime. No country has the right to ethnic cleansing, but the UN has decided to ignore it and the international community turned a blind eye.

Unfortunately, Gaza has not become a peace-loving country living alongside Israel, rather has become a terrorist state that fires missiles at Israeli civilian communities, engages in abductions and incitement to indiscriminate murder of Jews, even though they got the state they sought, and signed for in the Oslo Accords.

Britain’s fault in the Palestinian tragedy

The situation would not have been so problematic had it not been for Britain, the patron of the Oslo Accords, instead of backing Israel and demanding that Hamas honor the agreement. England chose to ignore Hamas’ war crimes and chose to attack Israel by any means, including illegitimate means.

British academics began publishing articles that Israel was committing “genocide” against Palestinians and many other lies (even though in those years Britain destroyed Iraq on the false pretext of Iraq having chemical weapons, a claim that was never proved, thus, Britain started the “Arab Spring” process that lead to the Genocide in Syria and creation of ISIS, acts that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. When the US tried to stop the Syrian holocaust & rise of ISIS, Britain blocked them).

Thus, betrayal of Britain destroyed the Palestinians’ chances of receiving a state.

The Oslo Accords “got stuck in the middle of the road” because the Palestinians do not respect them, it is impossible to advance to the next stage, and therefore the chance of the Palestinians to reach the state is only getting farther away from them, entirely due to their own fault.

Despite this, Israel today believes that control over the Palestinians is undesirable, the greatest fear of the Israeli public is that the Palestinians will have the right to vote in Israel.

Therefore, the disengagement is not a question of whether it will happen, but when it will happen (Two state solution).

The British peace obstacle:

But there is an obstacle that stops Israel from advancing in the peace process. Britain’s many betrayals in Israel are causing Israel to fear dramatic peace measures.

Every time there are peace agreements, the rivalry between the various Palestinian fractions causes them to carry out “spectacular” terrorist attacks. Israel knows that Britain will betray it if there is again a “Blood-soaked peace process”.

Instead of demanding that the Palestinians stop terror, Britain’s Liberals will attack Israel for trying to defend itself.

In Israel there is a saying that was born during the murderous terror attacks during the Oslo Accords. “What is peace worth, if we must let them murder our children for it?”

If Britain would stop stabbing Israel in the back, and reward it for its brave pursuit of a lasting peace agreement, the Palestinians would have had a state by now.

So, to sum it up, who ultimately stole the land from the Palestinians and is responsible for the Palestinian “Nakba” (disaster)?

  1. The decision to give the land of Palestine to the Jews was British, it was born in 1917 in the Balfour Declaration, made by Britain, Jews thank Britain & God for that decision.
  2. In 1922, following Britain’s request, the League of Nations (LoN) gave the entire land of Palestine to the Jews. Defining clear international borders on official internationally binding maps (Current Israel’s borders).
  3. 1936 – The first official notion of ​​dividing Palestine between Jews and Muslims (Two state solution), and rooting out Arabs from their homes in Palestine, rather than living in one state for two peoples, was British (the Peel Commission).
  4. In 1947 the UN voted and decided to give land in Palestine to the Jews. This decision is meaning less because the UN was just suggesting a solution. Britain could have refused, but they accepted it and Israel was born.

All these decisions that lead to the state of Israel were signed by the USA, France, England, Russia, etc. All these major powers are responsible for the transfer of territory in Palestine to the Jews.

However, there is only one country that had never signed or participated in any of those counsels that authorized the Jewish state, of course that country is… Israel.

The State of Israel did not yet exist in 1947, The only country that had absolutely no hand in the decision to establish the state of Israel, is Israel.

In conclusion, it is now clearer why Britain is trying to convince the Arabs that their loss of land happened because of Israel and Israel only.

Britain’s great fear was that one day the Arabs would understand that they had no rights in the State of Israel almost exclusively because of England, that was the reason for Britain’s never-ending attacks on Israel. A few months ago, demonstrations against Britain began in protest against the Balfour Declaration.

So, it begins. Despite England’s efforts and smoke screens. The Arab world is beginning to understand who really caused the Palestinian refugee phenomenon (Nakba).