Israel’s huge GREEN Revolution: A GLOBALl environmental leader


And some more difficult question:

  • Are the allegations that the “Israeli Miracle” is based on stolen Arab fertile lands, true?

  • Why do Messiahnic movmants claim that this is more than just technology?

The agrecultural mirracle in Israel’s desert | CBN

When you think about Israel, you probably imagine a desolate desert country with people riding camels on their way to work. Well, Israel cannot be further from this description. Israel is a high-tech leader, Tel Aviv is considered to be the “Silicon-Valley 2.0”


Tel Aviv cityTel Aviv’s business center


Israeli companies issued more start-up companies in the US Nasdaq Stock Market than Germany, France, and Japan combined.

Israel used its Tech-Savvy scientists to create one of the largest GREEN revolutions in human history. Today, Israeli technology defies the drought in Texas and other states in the US, India, Africa and Asia.
Large areas in the Third World that faced real hunger threat, were saved by Israeli technology.

Pragure University video on Israel’s drought & water solutions 

 History of a wonder:

If you think that the state of Palestine was always that glamorous – Welcome to “Hell on Earth”.

The first settlers who came to Israel discovered an uninhabitable land. The complete reversal of “a land flowing with milk and honey. 

Tel-Aviv-early 1920s

Tel Aviv in the early 1920s – No infrastructure, Just desert & sand.
This territory was legally purchased 30+ years before Israel was founded.

Jewish_settlers in Migdal-1912

Jewish settlers in Migdal (near the Sea of Galili) 1912. These useless territories were legally purchased from Arabs, 30+ years before Israel was founded.


  1. Israel’s Central part was a malaria-stricken swamp area. In fact, most of the first Jewish settlers in Israel died from the disease.
  2. The Southern part of the country was a desolate desert. It was impossible to build a significant settlement in southern Israel, and indeed the place was mostly empty of settlers. Even the animals there suffered from extremely harsh and often fatal living conditions.
  3. The Northern part of Israel was rocky and unsuitable for large settlement.

In fact, under the Ottoman rule, Israel was a neglected district whose main importance was the strategic seaport of Haifa and its proximity to the Suez Canal, the lifeline of the British Empire.
Even Jerusalem in the 18th century was a neglected and small city.

All this was about to change from one extreme to the other, Zionist settlement brought new progress.

The Zionist settlers (they arrived before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948) came mainly from Europe and Russia. Began to buy land in areas considered by the Arabs at that time uninhabitable.

Is it true that the Jews “Scammed” the Muslims out of their lands?

Well, in a certain viewpoint, it may be half true. during the 1800s the Muslim Ottoman empire refused to sell land to Jews in the holy land. In fact, despite modern claims made by British scholars about Muslim/Jewish harmony. the Turks not only persecuted the Jews, they even expelled Jews from the main cities, including Jerusalem.
So, The Jewish pioneers, from Russia mainly, had to find ways to buy land despite the Muslim harsh discrimination against them.
Their clever solution was to establish 3rd party organizations that bought the land in Palestine on their behalf. an elaborate network of clocked buyers using many organizations in Europe to make the deals for them was founded.

Even when the British occupied Palestine, the land buying process did not improve much for the Jews. As always, Britain did not fulfill its role as a “Mandate” holder, obligated to create growth. Instead, they stabbed the Jews in the back and tried to please the Arabs, on the expanse of the Jews.

The Muslim/British attempt to drive of the Jews from Palestine failed.

With the help of Jewish philanthropists, the largest and most well-known of them was undoubtedly Baron Edmond de Rothschild (but he was not the only one). The Jews bought land and established new settlements on swamps, arid hills, & sand dunes.

zionist land ownership table

Jewish Land purchases in Palestine, despite Muslims ban.

The big cities of Binyamina, Zichron Yaakov, Petach Tikva & many other cities began this way.

The Baron de Rothschild, who was awarded the title “The Famous Philanthropist”, had the vision to establish a wine industry in Israel. The idea was rejected by all the experts who did not believe that Israel was capable of producing quality wine, and the Baron insisted on following his vision and established vineyards and wineries in Israel.

Zichron Yaakov winery in Israel-1945

Zichron Yaakov winery-1945 | Israeli wine industry

Today, Israeli wines win
international awards in many categories and are considered worthy competitors in the international market.

See also: Israeli vintners recreate wine Jesus and King David likely drank | FOX NEWS

Israel also planted many orchards and became a global main exporter of citrus fruits at the time.
Unbelievably, All that grew from territories that were under Muslim rule for centuries without showing any growth.

The worst “Fake News” about the Zionist settlements, before the establishment of the Land of Israel:

One of the most harmful& inciting lies that are being spread by haters of Israel, mainly British academics, funded by Muslim sources. Is that the Jews came to “flourished Israel” and stole land from the residents who were already there.

Only a blind or extremely bios person that can’t read official Ottoman/British empire’s maps can say such things:

  1. The State of Israel was almost uninhabited because most of it was a deadly swamp/desert/rocky hills area (as explained above).
  2. The Jews legally bought the lands that they farmed. Can you steal something you own & paid for plus have the proper documentation to prove it? where is the Arab’s lease for the land?
  3. Despite the fact that the Arabs self-declared the whole area as theirs.  That is, of course, total nonsense. Historically it’s impossible because the territory belonged to the Ottoman Empire which was feudalistic, the Arabs who lived on the land were not the owners of the land, only the Sultan owned that land.
  4. Britain, which was given a Mandate over Palestine, divided the land between Trance-Jordan (today’s state of Jordan) and Israel. Thus revoking all previous rights over Palestine’s lands ownerships (Muslim’s & Jewish’s alike). This partition was internationally approved by the LoN in 1922. and set exactly the same borders that Israel has today. All perfectly legal.

The conclusion to the questions:

  • Are the allegations of “Israel stealing the Palestinian’s Lands” true? Or did Israel rightfully blessed Palestine’s wasteland, turning it back after 2,000 years into a land of “Milk & Honey” again, for all to enjoy?

  • Do Christians also benefit from this “Modern Wonder”?

Well, it appears that 3 lessons can be learned from this false allegations nasty business:

  1. Muslim Arabs have a tendency to confuse the term tenants with owners of the property. The land was never theirs. In fact, countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Iraq… and so on. did not exist before Britain created them after the Ottoman WWI defeat.
  2. Both Arab & British scholars must understand a principal rule of real estate ownership. You can’t steal which is already yours. bought and paid for.
  3. Wishful thinking doesn’t make things real. Only actions, hard work, vision (and some heavenly help 🙂 )
  4. Christians who want to be closer to the Holy Land & Jerusalem. No longer need to consider the journey as a life-threatening expedition. Today Israel is a BOOMING tourist-friendly country always happy to offer a Once in a lifetime experience for Christians. Welcoming every person, without discrimination, who wants to freely worship his faith, whichever it may be, in Israel.


Why do “Messianic” movements interpret the”agriculture revival” as consequential?

The sudden “Bluming of the Holy Land” against all odds, after stumbling for 2,000 years. Even though massive resources were invested in it, by Crusading Christians, the Muslim Ottomans, Arabs and others. Many Messianic organizations around the world (mostly Christians) claim that the fact that Israel had returned to be a “Global center” of life-giving technology and peace tool for suffering nations, not only in the Middle-East. is a sign of 2 main issues:

  1. The rapid success suggests it is in accordance with the heavenly plan. Many superpowers tried it before, but only now, to an unlikely resourceless contender, it succeeds beyond all expectations.
  2. The reason that the Holy Land is “Lightened” again, after 2,000 years of decay. is that the “Designated” tenants are back home. So it is not a question of resources but a question of a pre-defined process that needs to occur in the Holy Land, and cannot occur differently. 


Further information about the History of the second coming:

Israel helps the US defeat the drought:

Israel’s Unique agricultural success story, Cows in the Israeli desert yield more milk than in the US, EU & Australia. how is that possible?

Israel brings water & “Desert Bluming” (desalination) technologies to India, Africa, and other 3rd world countries.

Israel brings water to the people of the Middle-East, including Jordan and the Palestinian authority. who are suffering from harsh droughts and desert conditions: