Jerusalem Countdown – Revised

Jerusalem Countdown – Revised

This book written by John Hagee has a lot of information that aims at educating people on why radical Islam and Israel cannot live together amiably and why Christians should take a firm stand in supporting the State of Israel. Although it is still the only fully democratic country in the Middle East, the spur among the large Islamic dispersion where Muslims greatly outnumber Jewish populations makes Israel’s rights to exist as a Jewish state that much harder.

The State of Israel is not treated like any other state. It has zero consular relations with a number of states and is more or less singled out and often criticized by global bodies such as the United Nations. Additionally, recent events that have occurred such as Israel’s involvement in Gaza to protect its border towns has created an upsurge of anti-Israel hatred providing new excuses for its de-legitimization. Christians United for Israel are known to go out of their way, far more than any Jewish organization anywhere does, to support Israel as well as give aid to Israeli organizations with only tireless support in mind.

The idea of Islamic nations coming together in a war against Israel addressed in Jerusalem Countdown has seen many people speak out against John Hagee’s ideologies thus increasing the number of people who are questioning his ideas and approach. In it, he claims that the one reason that is causing the recurrent conflict over the city of Jerusalem is because the Quran instructs it’s believers to do away with anyone who does recognize Allah as their god.

A religious war is a conflict exclusively incited and fueled by diversity in religious identity. Killing in the name of ‘god, therefore, begs the question: of what is religion really made? Because for in all the conflicts in the history of the world, the violence and atrocities incited by religious fervor comprise some of the worst violations of human dignity. When true believers consistently use religious language to explain and frame the events of their lives, the heart and emotions, more often than reason and science, are employed as a means of defining one’s place in the world. For the Muslim world, Islam is more than a mere belief to embrace, but a way of life and part and parcel of a cultural heritage; as such, it remains a part of the heart and self-identity.

Unlike its original edition, the updated revision of Jerusalem Countdown also addresses the latest clash with Hezbollah, the roles of North Korea and Syria in the coming nuclear showdown, and the infiltration of Islamic terrorists on American soil. Israel’s latest clash with Hezbollah targets in Syria in recently seemed to have marked a more openly assertive attitude toward it. Israel has stuck resolutely to the sidelines so as to avoid getting drawn into the chaos unfolding to its northeast.

We are reminded of how fragile the world is, and if there were ever a time we needed change, it certainly is now.