DANGER: Jews returned to Jerusalem, will the Messiah follow?

Will Jesus follow the Jews?
will we witness the Messiah in Jerusalem
During our life time?

  • Why are the countries of the world so opposed to the Trump Declaration about Jerusalem?
  • Why did the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,  become an issue that has so excited the world’s nations?
    After all, Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for decades.


Yet, the answers in this video of “Jerusalem, Trump & Messiah” raised one objection on my part, near the end of the movie.

Is Abbas’ declaration that the “Gates of hell will open” a surprise? and as an Israeli, I would advise Abbas not to use words that the IDF can make him regret.

Well, according to  Jonathan Cahn, in his fascinating speech in the video above, It even appears in the Bible.


Does this “Messiah in Jerusalem following the Jews” business, go in line with Eterna-Jerusalem’s philosophy?

The truth is that I completely agree with him, I too believe that it will not be easy for it is a test of faith. And you shouldn’t expect the final stages of the 2nd coming (Or first coming according to Jews)  to be a simple test.

Still, the question of the Messiah’s arrival’s Date needs to be answered. I was hoping he will give a specific time. So I assume it’s still any ones guess.

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