Judaica web store – Review

Judaica Web Store-Review 

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It was not easy to find the Judaica Web Store, it’s located in the industrial area of Jerusalem at the other end of the city from my previous home. This is mostly a light industry area and I usually don’t spend time here.

In my mind, I was expecting a Judaica shop that runs a website, probably ultra-Orthodox Jews, so I imagined them, but finally, when I arrived, I found a high-tech building with an office run by a mixed group of secular Israelis and religious Americans, which kind of surprised me.

As I shook hands with the two partners who met me in plane T-shirts while they continued talking on their cell phones, I was struck by the sense of unofficial work environment and general vibe of a high-tech company rather than a store for Jewish products.

Say, how did you get into this business? You really are not the typecast for this field.

The CEO laughed, you’re right, we come from the high-tech industry, but comes an age when a person, even secular like us, when you start asking questions and searching for meaning.

In my heart, I identified with his words more than I would admit, but something still did not sit well… The products that are taken from the traditional Jewish world and the secular group in front of me… What’s the story here?

Finally, the VP sitting next to me smiled and gave me the missing part of their story.
Look, Judaism is not just silver candlesticks.
We are distributing Israeli products and historical products here.

When I sell a map of ancient Israel that describes the borders of Israel during the time of King David, I not only sell a symbolic religious item. I also sell the proof that Israel built an advanced Jewish flourishing culture, hundreds of years before the other major religions.

Last year we invested tens of thousands of dollars on Pro-Israel causes. 

Beyond the physical products like Stars of David, Tallits and Bibles. We also get to share our culture.

Final question; My project is dedicated to the encouragement of Evangelicals in Israel. What is your position on the subject of encouraging Christian worship in Israel and even helping them come to Israel?

Both of them spread their hand in the air together as if on a mark and said, The more the merrier 🙂
All lovers of Israel are welcomed here…

In Short:

I really like that group, Lovers of Israel from all religions and countries. exactly the kind of Vendor I was looking for.

Special products:

Alongside with products you may have seen elsewhere, they also have several collections of “One of” local studio made products.

I certainly recommend the Judaica Web Store