Matthew Hagee

This confident and humorous 34 year old is the youngest of five siblings and the son of the prominent Pastor John Charles Hagee. Mathew Hagee knew that he was destined to be a minister at a very tender age when he asked his father to mentor him. Now, as an accomplished executive pastor at the Cornerstone Church, he carries on the sixth generation legacy in ministry and like his father, a chip off the old block.

Mathew was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas who in addition to being a pastor is an accomplished tenor singer and along with Tim Duncan and Casey Rivers, he is among the founding members of the award winning Canton Junction quartet, which since its inception in 2012 has gained notoriety as one of the most sort after groups in Southern gospel music. Canton Junction Quartet has featured four number one singles, won a GMA Dove Award for Southern Gospel Album of the Year and earned the group a Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Southern Gospel New Traditional quartet.

He grew up singing around the piano with his family and appeals to various diversities of musical inspirations such as Bluegrass roots music among others. Aside from his accomplishments as a gifted speaker and vocalist, Mathew Hagee is also the author of “Shaken, Not Shattered” and “Response-Able” both published by Strang Communications.

The book Shaken, Not Shattered is all about finding the resolve, desire, and strength to stand undeterred when the world around you continues to deteriorate, while in the Responsible Able book Matt talks about the life lessons he has learned from his father whom he acknowledges as having played a vital role in molding and shaping him spiritually, personally, professionally, and socially. The book also talks about making a difference through creating jobs that empower people and gives them the opportunity to give back in the same way that they have received. He has also written a compelling book called Your Guide to the Apocalypse in which he uses the scriptures to answer riveting questions on how governments, technology, and world events are connected to various biblical prophecies.

Mathew Hagee is a graduate of Oral Roberts University School of Business, which has given a platform that he uses in trading horses and cattle in Texas. He met his wife Kendal at the Cornerstone Church. They have been married for 12 years and have four children. Together they seek to live up to their divine destiny with the passion and purpose that they both feel can only come from a strong family tradition and the call of God on their lives.

While their religious convictions are identical but unlike he’s out-spoken father John Hagee, Mathew is to some extent, mindful of the magnifying glass fashioned by the nature of his father’s activism who he looks up to as a noteworthy forerunner. Conversely, Matt continues to be zealously devoted to preaching the Gospel to the whole world and to every generation.