Do you need permission to celebrate Christmas in Israel?

Throughout the Middle East, there are restrictions on Christmas celebrations. Does Israel have such restrictions? Does the land of God under Israeli rule have penalties for celebrating the birth of Jesus?

Jewish Israel

On the Jewish side of Israel, not only is Christmas a holiday that can be celebrated, it’s a festival that most Israelis love. The Christian parties create a happy and special atmosphere that sweeps most of the country.

Does everyone in Israel like Christmas?

The truth is that not everyone loves the holiday. There are of course extremist streams of Judaism who are not even willing to recognize Jesus (they do not recognize the Land of Israel either, so…) but they are a very small minority. The problem is in the Arab sector.

Muslim prohibitions on Christmas celebrations.

Muslims throughout the Middle East suppress Christianity and generally limit Christian worship. In Israel, this phenomenon is almost non-existent because of strong opposition from the Israeli government.
Since the Trump Declaration on Jerusalem, several Muslim mayors, such as Nazareth, have threatened to ban Christmas celebrations.
But how dangerous is the Muslim’s threat to Israeli Christians?

The Muslim threat to Christmas

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is one of the biggest supporters of Christianity in general, and the American Christians in particular, that ever sat in power.
There is no chance that the Israeli government will allow a Muslim council inside Israel to boycott Christmas, so in the opinion of most Israelis, these threats are simply intended to please the Muslim voters. It is a common method in the Arab world, anyone who boasts that he intends to harm Christians or Jews becomes an important leader. Even if in the end he does nothing.

How can we make sure Chrismas will be celebrated in Israel?

As you know Eternal-Jerusalem is a part of “Gesher”. we are committed to making sure that the American Evangelicals are blessed (as written) and the rights of Christians in Israel are respected.

When we find a threat to Christian worship in Israel, we act to correct it. if you want to be involved and notified
write to us.