Our story

Did you ever feel that you saw a great revelation and from that moment on your life was never the same again?

This happened to me, and shortly after I began my work, many more Israelis joined my journey to save Christianity in Israel.

The Suffering of Christians in the Middle East.

actually,  I am not a Christian at all but a secular Jew and my first encounter with Jesus was when I was in the army.
I was then a soldier in a special forces unit of the Israeli Marines. One day in Gaza I encountered a strange phenomenon called “Christian Arab.” I was 19 at the time, and all I remember is that the Christian community was very different from the Muslim Arabs. They were “OK” as far as we were concerned. Our commanders always told us, “Do bother them, they are not a part of this mess …”

There was something different about the Christians.
I did not pay much attention to them in those days, but I always felt that there is another body that exists in the Middle East, and although it has deep roots here, it has no representation.

The feeling is that they have no real part in the processes that are happening in the Holy Land. Christians are in France … in the United States … you know, In the Holy Land there are only Muslims and Jews, that was the general feeling then and also today.

Have you noticed that after the Trump declaration Britan and France rushed to defend the rights of the Muslims in Jerusalem yet said nothing about the rights of Christians in the Holy City?

you may think that that is a small issue but if you lived in the Middle-East you would have known better. Muslims do not give back land… EVER. especially not a holy land.

If they take a Church and turn it into a Mosque, It will never return to being a Church without a fight.

My family’s harsh test and our private miracle

Years later, my family suffered a severe health crisis. My wife and I knew hard times and were tortured with waves of hope and despair, every day brought a new struggle.

I do not want to elaborate more than that, but we had to deal with a very serious disease that the doctors themselves did not know how to deal with.

A few months later the disease suddenly began to recede quickly. A miracle happened to us, just as a Kabbalist rabbi predicted.

He told me I had a task to fulfill in life, and only when I will accept that, the situation would change.
I thought much about the meaning of these things. Strangely, I began to think about Christianity quite a lot. Maybe something in my personal crisis made me identify and remember again the face of the Arab Christians outside Israel, their fear of their Muslim neighbors, the Christian children oppressed under the rule of the Palestinians.

How does Jesus have to do with miracles?

I have no explanation why it all started just then, right after the severe health crisis and the sudden, total and surprising recovery.

I began to think about Jesus and the Christians. I felt that this was my path and I set out on my journey.

My wife was a little frightened of this new approach but said that “everything happens for a reason” even if we do not understand it at the time. If you believe that this is your path, you must follow it. Only one thing I want you to promise me, please do not tell my father 😊 he will think you went insane.
And so began my journey, the first steps were research and learning. Yet despite all the efforts and after long nights in front of the Internet, I have not yet found the unequivocal proof that Jesus is the Messiah of the Jews, I have discovered opinions, quotes, persuasive logic but no decisive proof. I began to ask myself, was it all a mistake? 

Then came the argument that changed our lives

A strange thing happened, which would change the course of our whole lives. You see, even though I have never obtained proof of Jesus being the Messiah of the Jews, I have not been able to obtain proof that he is not the Messiah.

According to the New Testament, there is no reason to rule out the possibility that Jesus is the chosen one, since he indeed meets the criteria.

Christianity in the Middle East is dying.

Since then I have been working to preserve Christianity in Israel and more Israelis are joining me in a movement that is unique to the Land of Israel.
We believe in 100% traditional Judaism, but maintain a platform to strengthen the idea that when Messiah comes, it will turn out that this is none other than Jesus who was resurrected.

So that at least in Israel, unlike the rest of the Middle East, Christianity and the holy places for the Christians will be preserved, strengthened and as they say in Israel “Be ready for the day of command. “

Did our belief in Judaism has weakened?

Absolutely not, the exact opposite. We now understand better our role in the world’s theology by expanding horizons into new communities. We respect the rights of Christians not because we are interested in converting to Christianity, but because Christianity thanks to the Evangelicals that blesses Israel has acquired the right to receive back our blessings. We are obliged to bless the Evangelicals because we are ordered to do so by the Scripture.

Our duty:

  1.  To preserve Christian rights and infrastructure in the Land of Israel, because of the possibility that Jesus will be resurrected and revealed as the Messiah of mankind.
  2. To fulfill the blessings that come to the Evangelical Christians as they bless Israel and we are commanded to return them blessings.

The duty of Christians:

  1. In our view, despite the infrastructure we are helping to establish, at the end of the day, the burden of proof beyond doubt that the Messiah, when he arrives, is indeed Jesus. Will still be incumbent on the Christians.