Pro-Israel Group-Jerusalem supporters

While most the nations of the planet – at least apparently -are currently requiring Israel revise and to change its policies and withdrew from occupied territories, Israel is still supported by USA strongly. For decades US government has supplied diplomatic, financial and military supports to Israel, and both parties of Republicans, Democrats and USA support Israel.

America supports Israel that this backing imposes on Americans and America. Israeli and Jew lobby are very influential in American foreign policy and this impact becomes clearer when it is when compared with other ethnic minorities in U.S. Like Arab Lobbies or Armenians. Maybe 3 elements could explain the development of Evangelical and Christian Zionism, and the reason of this support: Israel value, Jew power and influence in various arenas including US election. 

This is true from the issue of U.S. Presidential election: some observers assert that the U.S. Officials need to give attention after their election on account of the financial helps they get in their campaigns from Jew contributorsJews possess a higher rate of turnout in presidential elections in comparison with non Jew Americans. The question is that’s Jew’s financial contribution in kind of campaign contribution, and high speed of turn out the only reason behind the U.S. President’s service for Israel

or as it was mentioned that there are various reasons accountable for this unconditional support. In U.S. Presidential campaigns all the candidates, regardless of whether they’re Republican or Democrats, have a communion and also a subject that they each of agree, at least openly, and that’s U.S. Relation and support of Israel.


Though there’s a controversy about extend of the service in major parties, some think that Democrats tend to be more intense in their service of Israel, others assert that Evangelical Christians who vote heavily for Republicans tend to be stronger in their service for Israel.

By defending also the freedom and prosperity and security of Israel, you are also serving the main cause of America. ​