Biblical Hebrew Studing-for Evangelicals

 Study the Bible in the language in which the Bible was written and spoken by King David and Jesus.

Learn what the words “Amen” and “Hallelujah” means and many other words and phrases.

Learn Biblical Hebrew 〉〉

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 Jdaica webstore logo  Judaica web store | located in Jerusalem

Validated Vendor badge Genuine Israeli shop

Church icon Supporting the Evangelical community in Israel.

Learn Biblical Hebrew 〉〉

Why this store is good for Evangelicals

  • This shop is located in Israel (near Tel-Aviv).
  • It is managed by a Jewish team that has dedicated its life to spreading the Hebrew and other teachings of Judaism and Israel around the world.
  • The team has a deep understanding of the meaning of the Bible’s Hebrew.
  • The team supports Evangelical worship in Israel.

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