Star of David-The mystical meaning-For Evangelicals

Star of david

The Star of David or David’s shield (as Jews call it) has become a symbol of Judaism and has both mystical and historical values.

1 – Historic:

The earliest historical value we know of is King David’s use of shields shaped like the “Star of David”. Many mistakenly think that this is a round shield with the Star of David on it, but it is not. The shield itself was shaped like a Star of David, It was like a star with six sharp edges. On one shield that was found, In the heart of the shield was a Menorah.

2 – Mystic:
why did King David choose this symbol?

what is star of david

The David Shield consists of two triangles that are intertwined. One symbolizes the male and the other the female. According to the Book of Zohar (the book of mysticism and part of Kabbalah, which is not accepted by many streams of Judaism), every soul has both the male and the female, both woman, and man. They are both exactly the same shape, and yet they are the opposite of each other.

Each of them symbolizes a strong energy in a particular direction (the Zohar expands on the meaning of the shape that symbolizes a female and the shape that symbolizes a male). However, their power is at its peak when they are united and balanced. Then, the arrows that signify aggression become a stable shape that conveys power.


The David Shield symbolizes the power of unity and acceptance of the different. Those who understand in depth the meaning of the symbols and how the force that “shoots” up fits in with a force that is “based upwards”. Finds the key to peace at home, financial success and self-fulfillment.

Because the symbol of David’s Shield is a symbol of a powerful harmony between different people who seemingly cannot be bridged and yet they are a powerful one entity.

The secrets you didn’t know about the Star of David:

Diving dipper into Kabbalah teachings. The Maharal, who was one of the greatest kabbalists, claimed that beyond the six corners we see in the Star of David, there are other hidden parts, which are equally important, and they are the empty spaces.
The Star of David has 6  empty spaces. And there is one big hexagon at the center. That is the seventh space.
The seventh space symbolizes the spirit and the six triangles symbolize the material world.
The mater surrounds the spirit from 6 different directions:
East, West, North, South, Up and Down.
The material boxes the spirit which is the seventh element which is hidden. The number 7 is considered spiritual in Judaism and repeats itself in many places, such as 6 working days for the material world (money), but the seventh day is dedicated to the spirit.