Exposure: A war between Israel and Gaza is about to break out, perhaps within days

Hamas in Gaza

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According to Israeli sources, Hamas is on the brink of collapse and therefore Hamas intends to go to war against Israel in order to divert the anger of the Palestinian people from the problems of poverty and starvation in Gaza. According to senior army officials in Israel, the war could break out in the coming weeks, perhaps even in the coming days.

A great effort is being made by Israel to create negative world opinion against this attempt by Hamas to incite another war and sacrifice the children of Gaza, again, as a defensive wall against the Israeli army.

The world must intervene now and come out with a clear voice against the war. The attempt to solve the problems of the rulers of Muslim dictators by provoking war with Israel is a very low, old and incomprehensible trick.

    • Saddam Hussein tried it when the whole world attacked him, he fired Scad missiles at Israel and prayed that the entire Arab world would stand by him as “The destroyer of Israel.” It didn’t
    • Bashar Assad tried to blame Israel for all the violence he brought on Syria and even tried to shoot at Israel in the hope that the Arab world would turn him into a “leader of Islam.” He did not succeed, but he tried, at a high price for his Syrian soldiers, who had fired from the border at Israel, may they rest in peace.



Hamas will try to hide its crimes by opening a war with Israel

Now Hamas is entering the list (again) of Muslim leaders who declare war on Israel only to hide their abuse of their own people. Instead of protecting the poor, they send them to commit suicide against the IDF tanks.

Global community mast intervein

It’s all up to you now, the people of the USA, Canada, England, France, Russia, do not let that happen, do not allow the murderers of the children of Hamas to send the Palestinian children to explode inside Israel.

The world must demand that Hamas give the children food and education, not explosive bomb belts.


Why is the war going to break out?

      1. The poverty in Gaza is one of the worst in the world, the Hamas government has wasted all the aid it received from the UN, no one knows what they spent the money on because there is no infrastructure development in Gaza, despite hundreds of millions of dollars in aid.
      2. The riots in Iran also cause the people of Gaza to protest the oppression, violence and inability of Hamas to end poverty. In Gaza today there is no industry, even though Israel has left them with successful factories and farms that sold to the whole world. Hamas ordered the destruction of everything. But never built another economic infrastructure to replace it.
      3. The terrorist organization George Habbash is firing rockets at Israel from inside Gaza. Hamas is afraid to show that it is firing less missiles at Israel. The Israeli army warns that the last time it happened, Hamas fired hundreds of missiles at Israel and dragged Israel into a

Where are you Britain & France?

People of Britain, you attack Israel so often for using too much force. Gaza is firing missiles at Israel every day now and Israelis are living in bunkers. You mast shout loud now to make Gaza stop the bombing. If you will not protest now it will be too late.


Jihad kids

What do you think?

      • Should we ignore the wornings and let things hapen?
      • Should we support peace and be vokol about it?

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