Why did the Syrian Civil conflict break out?

syrian civil war


  • What sparked the “Syrian Massecar”? Did this 450,000 casualties (mostly civilians and children) conflict sparked by ISIS? or by Israel?
  • Will the close clashes of the Russian army in Syria with the US army launch the 2nd Cold War?

What started the Syrian civil conflict?

Syria, like most Arab states, is a relatively new country. Syria was founded by the French and the British, at about the same time as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel. The majority of them are Muslims, but there are also other religions in Syria.

In the past, there were also many Jews, but they were persecuted and expelled by the Muslim regime. The regime in Syria belongs to the Ba’ath party, which is Sunni and relatively secular.


 As in Iraq, the majority in Syria does not belong to the Ba’ath party and they represent a minority of the population. This is one of the reasons why the ruler (Assad junior) is paranoid & a ruthless dictator. Assad, the father, was cruel but respected and considered a very talented leader. Even Israel was afraid of him and Syria was Israel’s nemesis for decades. from the 1948 war, the Six-day war in 1967, Yom Kippur war in 1973 when Israel was almost destroyed, Lebanon war and more.


Assad’s son Assad Junior (the current leader) is considered less capable and less frightening than his father before him. When the “Arab spring” began (a movement of rebellion in which Arab citizens rebelled against the dictators of the Arab states) there was also a civil revolt in Syria.

The rebellion broke out all over Syria, with a number of different civilian groups, most of them fighting without coordination with the other groups, there are more than 200 separate rebel groups in Syria.


Many in the west are mistaken in thinking that the rebels are terrorists who came from outside Syria like in Iraq. but mostly that was not the case although ISIS was born during this conflict, affected by the cruelty of the Syrian army ISIS became a brutal terrorist organization. However, they are not the core of the rebellion), actually, the terrorists were invited by Assad, mostly Hizballah which is an Iranian terrorist organization that took over Lebanon and is dedicated to the distraction of Israel. many thousands of Lebanese were killed in Hizballah Israeli wars and about 100 Israelis. You can definitely say that Hizballah ruined Lebanon & now they are helping destroy Syria.

At the beginning of the Syrian war, testimonies of atrocities, torcher, rape, and mass murder by the government appeared, and the situation became so terrible that entire sections of the population swore they would prefer to die but not to allow Assad to remain in power.M

 Russia and Iran Join the Syrian conflict

Assad has almost lost the war, but Russia intervened and established military bases inside Syria, which is responsible for a large part of the air bombings that killed civilians, including children.

Sukhoi bombing in Syria
Russian Sukhoi bombing in Syria

but also the bombing of the Russians was not enough, so out of fear of the rebel army Assad agreed to let Iran build bases in Syria to fight the rebels. The Iranians are accused by Israel of using the same bases to create a terrorist network that will dominate the entire Middle East. Mostly because they are arming themselves with the latest Russian “Ground to air” missiles (the rebels don’t have planes) and long-range ballistic missiles (the rebels are very close, why do they need long-range ballistic weapons?)

This Terror army is very dangerous to the USA and Israel and therefore Israel is constantly bombarding the Iranian bases in Syria. Only three weeks ago, an Israeli F-16 was shot down in one of those attacks. The pilots ejected the plane over Israel and were saved.

This war broke several records of cruelty. Assad even used chemical weapons against his own people.

How did Assad get away with using chemical weapons on civilians?

syrian rebel fightersSyrian rebel fighters

Russia threatened any country that tried to accuse Assad of this crime. The U.N. that should have intervened did absolutely nothing. The horrors were so monstrous that even Israel began providing medical services to the Syrian people. Hospitals in northern Israel are full of Syrian refugees.


  • The war in Syria is a 21st-century holocaust. About 500,000 killed
  • Over 2 million refugees.
  • The U.N. did nothing about all this.
  • Iran established its terrorist army all over Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.
  • Assad’s army used chemical weapons
  • All That is sponsored by Russia which gave weapons, money and even operated its troops inside Syria.

Russian soldiers are the reason why Israel and the US can’t interfere. The U.N. has condemned Israel several times over the past two years over minor issues, but not even once condemned what is happening in Syria.

What do you think?

Do you think that the Cold War with Russia is over? if so, you are mistaking, Russia and China are forming a world domination alliance and they are adding allies like Iran and North Korea. So now tell me, do you still think Israel is the source of violence in the Middle East?