Women in the Israel Defense Forces

Women in the Israel Defense Forces

Israel is the only nation on earth with an obligatory military service demand of females. Women have taken part in the military of Israel before and since with women comprising 34% of all IDF soldiers, meeting functions within Navy the Earth and Air Forces.

Women served in the militias which would become the Israel Defense Forces in combat roles. Women who took part in combat organizations speed stood at 20%. From the lines of the Hagana and Shomer organizations service for females existed in the years before the institution of the IDF. During the war of independence, in the winter months of 1948, women joined the battle soldiers of the Palmach, who traveled with their weapons to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

On 18 August 1948 conscription for married and single women without children started. Women served in positions including signal operators, nurses, drivers, clerks, cooks and more. The Women’s Corps, under was answerable for their training and for caring for women soldiers needs and integration into IDF units that are distinct.

Women were sent soldiers to be teachers in areas and neighborhoods of Israel by the Women’s Corps. Aside from throughout the 1948 Arab Israeli War, when labor shortages saw many IDF Girls taking active part in land battles, girls were historically prevented from battle in their IDF, serving in a wide range of technical and administrative support roles.

IDF commanders have historically considered their practice of assigning girls to combat duties to be immoral because of the heightened danger of sexual assault which female soldiers would face if captured by their enemy. Right after the institution of the IDF, the removal of all girls from front line places was decreed.

It had been fair and equitable, it was argued, into demand from girls equal sacrifice and risk, but their risk for females prisoners of rape and sexual harassment was infinitely greater than the same risk for males. The majority of girls serving in the IDF then were secretaries.